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Vaccination the Mark?

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A: Thanks for sharing.  Of  course, it is the mark of the beast to all of those who believe it is.   Simple as that.  For me, it is not, and the explanation given in the  video presentations is sincere, no doubt.  But words like "had" and  "have" are only in understood in their past and present tense for the  event in full context.  The Prophecy is about something in action that  is going to happen and within that prophecy things are going to happen  in that present time.  The Context rules the past and present tense,  just as in a vision, as the vision unfolds in real time, the one  experiencing the vision, like John, is in that present, but future  time.  

If we say that getting this vaccination is the Mark of the Beast,  they we have all already been marked by the Beast from birth.  This is  not the first vaccine that was mandated to be circulated among mankind.   Polio, for example.  Not to mention all of the mandated vaccination  school age children take before entering the schooling system which is  also mandated each under age child attend.  What has happened here,in  this time, is the shutting down of business, and most importantly, the  Churches.  Religious organizations, by the acts and mandate of  government were virtually shut down.  This latest vaccine is merely a  softening up of the world population for the acceptance of the true Mark  of the Beast, which will bear his Name -- the Mark is to the be name of  a man -- not a vaccination.  

The mark, is going to be a symbol for or  the actual spelling of a man's name, a man that Satan will give his  power to.  This beast man, will be promoted by a religious authority  that appears like a righteous and holy Lamb of god and will have two  horns, or two ruling sources.  This Lamb is a religious authority of  some kind that causes, and makes mankind worship this Beast and  demonstrated by the acceptance of his name, whatever the name it, it is  not a vaccination.   There is an old saying -- Pick the hill upon which  you chose to die -- this, for me, is not that hill.  Getting the shot is  nothing -- as it turns out, for all we know, they were vaccinating  people with distilled water -- as time has proven it did little or no  good and not much harm either, no more than a placebo effect -- nothing  to fear.  What was and still is frightening is how evil minded people  over stepped their bound of authority in shutting down the Churches and  bearly a peep out of them.  

Big government proved that they could shut  down religion and the people would hardly say a word -- that is the  lesson from this.  

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