Few answer the Calling - Removing The Fog of Religion

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Few answer the Calling

Many are Called but Few Answer

Many are called -- But Few Chose the Way

By Dan L Baxley

Many hear and listen and chase after the Wisdoms -- mostly the Wisdoms of the world.  Many hear the message, or have heard the message but like oil poured over the hands, it slides right through the fingers -- it feels good, for the moment but only a thin film is left behind and then, eventually, it is gone.  

Our Lord YaHshua, told us that there are two ways, or choices that we have, only two -- He said  that broad is the Way leading to destruction and narrow is the way  and few that find it --

(Mat 7:13-14)  "Enter in by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it.  How narrow is the gate, and restricted is the way that leads to life! Few are those who find it.

Narrow gate, or wide gate, is another comparison.  Ask yourself, which Way or Path do you see the world on?  Are most religions right and following the narrow path, or entering by the narrow gate?  Believe it or not, most of the populations of the world believe in a supreme being of some kind, most of the world's populations are steeped in a religion of some sort.  Christianity and Islam being two of the biggest, numbering in the billions, not to mention all of the various religions and religious following out of the Asian or Eastern countries.  Yes, broad is the way.  There is, however, a narrow, or restricted way that actually leads to life eternal.  If we see this, it would be reasonable, then, to assume that the masses of people in all of the various religions of the world are on that "broad way", the one that leads to destruciton, right?  

Few that find it, that find the narrow way.  This is mostly true for those looking or making some effort to look, or seek out that Way that leads to life and still, it is only the Few that find it.  Not according to me, but according to the One Savior the greates Prophet of all time, YaHshua.  Not only did He give His disciples a time line -- Matthew 24 -- but He later sent and Angel (Messenger) to His Apostle John and through word and vision He gave a much more detail account for what is to come.  And, when we look back at the Prophets of old, those preserved in the Hebrew writings, we confirmation for events to take place just before our Messiah, our Savior YaHshua returns to restore those things that need to be restored and to stop Satan and men on a path to total destruction -- to save what is left when sin and the self worship of men and women has run its course -- Matthew 24:22.

There are so many religious books, books classified by various religions as Sacred or Holy.  But, none but one, promises salvation, or deliverance from the way to death.  Some offer up a vision into eternity that is pretty much terrible and something I cannot imagine anyone would want. Even in the Christian religion there is an offering to followers, not of the Book, but of what is taught by the ministers and pastors and other. The Book is condemned all day long, by the doctrinal teachings of the different houses of Christian religion.  The Book is judged by the actions of those claiming to be followers of the Book.  The Book is understood by very few who claim to be followers of the Book.  

The Book is the collected writings, preserved for us by the Hebrews/Jews/Chrsitians scholars and priests, scribes and Laywers.  The inspired writings being recognized as inspired and then captured, first on stone, then other method, down to the white pages of written words we have today -- all copies of copies, and that is where the miracle and proof of inspiration comes from.  The guide, the wisdom, the intellect is so apparent that to suggest that men did anything other than make copies is ludicrous.  The writings, from historical, to prophetic are the most astounding in all of human history.  And yet, still, those claiming to be believers continue to refuse the one who could actually save them.  It is hard, and for some, impossible to admit how wrong or brain washed they are or have become.  We all like to fancy ourselves as free thinkers, but all you have to do is look at the nightly new and you see the minds of young and old being manipulated -- never make the mistake in thinking that that is them, not you, that you are immune to deception -- never make that mistake and be continually on your gaurd.

Now, let's take a look at what the Prophetic word has to say about those who think they are believers, who think they cannot possibly be fooled or tricked or deceived into confessing or calling on or worshiping in a false name.  

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