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His Holy Name

His Holy Name
by your servant, Dan Baxley

Looking into what the Dictionaries have to say:

Old Testament:

His Holy Name Identified in Scripture by Hebrew Dictionaries:

H3068 - YaHWeH (replaced with LORD)
H3091 - YaHushua (Old English Transliteration, JOSHUA)
The LORD H3068 -  a common replacement for His Holy Name, YaHWeH    
LORD In Strong's Hebrew Dictionary = H3068:     יהוה   YHWH  -  YaH WeH
(the) self Existent or eternal; YaHWeH, personal name of God

Joshua H3091  --   YaHoshua  --  Savior’s name - Same name as that of the man that led Israel into the Promised land.
       H3091:  יהשׁע   יהושׁוּע   yahôshûa - yahshûa
yah-ho-shoo'-ah, yah-shoo'-ah      YaHWeH-saved; YaHshua
YaHshua    YaHshua    Savior’s name  -- YH or YaH is the Name,m all other letters are for definition as to purpose
       H3091  יהשׁע       yahshûa
YaH-shoo'-ah       YaH-saved; YaHshua

IAM that IAM

(Exo 3:14)  And GodH430 saidH559 untoH413 Moses,H4872 I AMH1961 THATH834 I AM:H1961 and he said,H559 ThusH3541 shalt thou sayH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 I AMH1961 hath sentH7971 me untoH413 you.

I AM:H1961 Original: היה -- Strong's and Brown - Drivers - Briggs:  Transliteration: Hayah  

(Exo 3:15)  And GodH430 saidH559 moreoverH5750 untoH413 Moses,H4872 ThusH3541 shalt thou sayH559 untoH413 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 The LORDH3068 GodH430 of your fathers,H1 the GodH430 of Abraham,H85 the GodH430 of Isaac,H3327 and the GodH430 of Jacob,H3290 hath sentH7971 me untoH413 you: thisH2088 is my nameH8034 for ever,H5769 and thisH2088 is my memorialH2143 unto all generations.H1755 H1755

LORD:H3068 - Original: יהוה -- Strong's and Brown - Drivers -Briggs:  Transliteration: Y@hovah

New Testament:

JESUS -- replacement name for our Lord's brith name, YaHshua (Old English Transliteration, JOSHUA)

(Mat 1:21)  AndG1161 she shall bring forthG5088 a son,G5207 andG2532 thou shalt callG2564 hisG846 nameG3686 JESUS:G2424 forG1063 heG846 shall saveG4982 hisG848 peopleG2992 fromG575 theirG846 sins.G266

Original: Ἰησοῦς
- Transliteration: Iesous
- Phonetic: ee-ay-sooce'
- Definition: Jesus = Jehovah is salvation
1. Jesus, the son of God, the saviour of mankind, God incarnate
2. Jesus Barabbas was the captive robber whom the Jews begged Pilate to release instead of christ
3. Joshua was the famous captain of the Israelites, Moses' successor (Act_7:45, Heb_4:8)

My Notes:
a. We see the Transliteration is not even close to the name JESUS or as the English pronouce it -- GeezUs.
b. The Phonetic pronunciation is clear, it is not JESUS
c. We first see the name JESUS in what is titled Definition: Jesus and this made up name is then said to be equal with Jehovah is Salvation
d. Line #1 the fake name, JESUS, is then said to be the Son of God -- Jesus or Iesous, ee-ay-sooce, which is it?
e. Line #2 another individual with this name?
f.  Line #3 Joshua (YaHshua) is identified as havig this very same name.  So, which is it, Joshua or Jesus or Iesous?  

Jesus is pronounce by the English as GeezUs while the Latin languages say, ISIS or heyZeus.  Coincidence?  Or planned?
Why?  If the name named our Lord at birth existed hundreds of years before His birth and the name Jesus has only been in existence for the past 400 years, then why would the translators of the English Bibles use this replacement name?  Doesn't the Bibles have the name JOSUHA in them, a name that even one of the Books is named?  So, why would the translators replace that name with a different name?  

The Latin Church of Rome is the origniator of this bogus name, IESVS.  The Latin name handed down to the English, as we can see Iesvs, later in the English translations changed to Jesus.  The changed Greek, as seen above, was also a completely different name from what our Lord was named at Birth, a Name that was given to Joseph and Mary to Name Him.  Remember the names used from the Greek to the Latin and then to the English never existed when our Lord was Name, but the name He was Named did exist at the time of His Birth and His presentation at the Temple on the 8th day.

The Middle Letters:

Tent peg    waw w,o,u      vav v,o,u  --  YaH We or YaH VeH?  Does it matter?

These are not true parts of His or Their Name.  Way too much arguing over the WaW and the VaV all leading to the U and the O, or UU and OO.  The WaW is representative of the W, O or U while the VaV side of the argument is represtnative of V, O or U.  See the problem?  All of this is a diversion from His True and Holy and Eternal Name.  The Name He clarified for Moses to deliver to the people of Israel.  IAM that IAM, is a mistranslation (Exodus 3:14-15) and when you look this up in a Hebrew Dictionary you find that IAM should have been translated as HaYaH, which is to say, The YaH.  Later, in verse 15, He tells Moses to tell the People His Name is YaH-WeH (YHWH), from The YaH to YaH Weh, which is to say, YaH who causes to be.  No matter if the WeH or VeH, the expression of each of these variation says that YaH is the One Who Causes to Be and Who Will Be and Is always.  YaH Shua is to say, YaH is Savior or YaH Salvation.  The scholars believe their own teaching that the Name YaH is the short form of YaHWeH, and this just is not so.  The only thing that makes it seem so, in all of the text books is that they say it, not that they know it is so, only that most of them believe it ans so they quote each other and by this, then, it must be true. However, it is not true.  YaH is His Name, His Holy Name, the very Name He gave to His Son.  One thing is positively true, the name JESUS is not and could not have ever been the name He was Named, because that Name is a modern invention from those same translators and scholars that tell us that YaH is the short form of YaHWeH.  

Letters have been added and names changed, but the truth is still before us.  Everytime you hear anyone saying HalleuYaH, you are Hearing, Praise His Name YaH, that is exactly what is being said when anyone say or sings this phrase, HalleluYaH.

There is another point to consider in the arguments surround the origins of His birth Name.  It is evident that a good one third or more of the world population do not say JESUS, pronounced as GeezUs, but it is pronounced as HeyZeus.  Spanish people, for example who have named a child as JESUS do not say, GeezUs, but they say, HeyZeus.  Does this mean that the name JESUS comes from the name calling on the Greek god Zeus?  The following is a clip from www.eliyah.com, making the point that this is not the case.  They are correct in this, but keep in mind, what are the odds of such a coincidence.  Perhaps a coincidence, until you realize that there is a Devil, known as Satan.  The following reasoning is sound, but misses the greater point.

In fact, the Greek language spells Zeus (#2203 in the Strong's Lexicon) as Ζευς and doesn't even have the same letters (Zeta/epsilon/upsilon/sigma) or sound as the second syllable in "Iesous," which is Ιησους (Sigma/Omicron/upsilon/sigma). First of all, the Ζ in Ζευς produces a "dz" sound, not an "s" sound as in "sous." Also the ευ combination in Ζευς sounds like "eu as in feud", a letter combination not found in any form of Ιησους / Iesous. So is Ζευς is actually pronounced "Dzyooce" and not "Sooce". These things alone make it quite impossible that Iesous comes from "Zeus". Look at the first page of the Greek Lexicon in your Strong's concordance if you want confirmation of the sounds of these Greek letters.

It is agreed, there is not connection between the word JESUS and the Greek God Zeus, none, or so it seems.  If you follow the progression of His Name being changed down to the English you see a pattern of change.  From the Hebrew to the Greek there was an immediate change.  His birth Name disappeared soon after the First century.  The Greek pronunciation and spelling was nothing like His Birth name.  Moving on the Latin we see how they took the Greek mistake and improve upon it, but never quite making the complete correction, after all, the Latins wanted a Latin God not a Jewish god.  The Roman Church introduced the Latin form and in some quarters this Latin influence came out sounding like ISIS or IeSIS to IeSVS.  In speach it sounds very much like the Egyptian goddess ISIS.  Guess what, as it turns out, the Egyptian gods all had numbers or number values favored and guess what ISIS number is?  If you said 666 you would be right.  Another coincidence, but not real, direct connect, right?  After all, the Latin Bible and third century scholars of the Roman Church wrote about Iesvs, still sounded a lot like Isis in speech.  From this Iesvs, the English started out in the King James government authorized, State Bible with this very name, IESVS, but in the first revision of this Old English Bible the name changed again to JESUS and began to be pronounce as GeezUs.

See the pattern?  It is correct, no direct connection can be made between Zeus and Jesus and certainly not with His Birth Name, YaHshua.  But what a coincidence, right?  The fact is this -- the name JESUS is pronounce as HeyZeus by a large portion of the civilized world.  If you ever hear a Roman Priest in Rome praying or whatever in the name of their god it very often sounds like they are saying Isis or Iesis.  Maybe it is only a coincidence that the Vatican has an Egyptian obelisk standing as a center piece in from of the Vatican, not to mention the other Obelisk stationed all over the City of Rome.  There are more Obelisk in Rome than in Egypt.  The Devil must be laughing at us.  Peace

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