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Which is it, the V or the W?

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YaHWeH or YaHVeH?  V or W?

Q: Some say Yahweh and others say Yahveh and some Jehovah.  Which is it?

A: This has been answered in other emails and other Q and A answers, but, one more time.  This with other studies is the answer supplied by the world Word Dictionary.  A perfect example, showing how this is manipulated to cover all the bases and in doing so, revealing which letter it should be.  I will share this from another email:

Here is another one of those finds or reveals about the V and the W -- this, from the World Dictionary:

 Noun: Yahweh 'yaa,wey: A name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

Notice how different the Name is presented in  the definition while in the phonetic pronunciation it is a W and not the  V?  If we look at this correctly, it would mean that the W and the V in  YHVH should be pronounced the same, as in YHWH.  So, why the V?   Because the Jehovah Witnesses decided that they should listen to the  Jewish scholars, who have no interest in letting or allowing Gentiles to  say the name of their God, a Name most of them refuse to pronounce  out-loud.  This, too, is why many in the Jewish and other circles will  present the name of our Savior as Y'shua, dropping the H and in this  way, keeping those silly Christians from saying the name of their God.

Pronounced as YaaWey or YaHWeH, but written as YaHVeH?  YHVH is pronounced as Yaa wey?  This means, as mentioned, that the V is supposed to be sounded out as we would sound out the W.  Except for in Germany, where this error seems to have originated.  The Latins (Roman Church) used to use the V letter but they pronounced it as the W is today and have long since stopped using it in that way.

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