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Book of Enoch?

Q: I am just about finished The book of Enoch the prophet, so tell me what do think of this book? your brother in YaHshua

A:  The Book of Enoch -- I have actually written an article on this and some comments in the articles on "Angels marry women" and "Angels and Nephilim"  --

 The book is a fake -- written after the fact.  Taking this book as fact, by comparison, is like taking the book by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons as fact a few hundred years from now -- no wait, it is worse because the Book of Enoch is presented by the author (unknown author) as fact.  What fascinates so many about this book is that it seems to fill in the holes some believe are in the Scriptures.  This book has been heavily promoted by Claire Prophet and her cult of Masters -- a heavy blending of Eastern religious thought and theology mix (sort of) with our Bible.  We are told the message to us has already been delivered and complete -- There is nothing more to be said other than the record we have from our Savior and His Apostles.  It has been my observation that when people get carried away with these Jewish Fables ( the real origin of the Book of Enoch), on the Christian side, they inevitably begin to talk about UFO abductions and invasion and the "Return of the Nephilim" as promoted and written by Chuck Missler, a recognized Christian genius -- all of this stuff is connected.

I struggle for awhile over whether to become involved in the debate about this deception then one day I realized why it is so dangerous.  The Book of Enoch blames the fall of man on renegade angels, angels that married women.  The Nephilim born from this union grew to be huge monsters eating up all of the food on earth and eventually turned to eating mankind -- that is the real reason for the flood, the angels had so polluted mankind and the Nephilim had to be stopped.  The book, as you know, says the Nephilim were some 240 feet tall.  Realistically this would be impossible; the gravity alone would have incapacitated them.  Giant beings of this size can only live in our imaginations and fairy tales, or fables.

The other devastating thing about accepting this book as truth is that the whole story denigrates the birth of our Savior, making this virgin birth nothing special as the rebel angels have been able to do this with human women all along.  It makes YaHshua a late comer and lessens His sacrifice for us.  He is the first, the First Fruit -- this alone means the story in the Book of Enoch is wrong -- well, a lie.  The book itself is not the source James quoted when he made an offhand mention of Enoch in his epistle.  His remark is from the oral traditions passed down by the Jews and is nothing more than quoting a truth, not a seal of approval of the whole fable.  The Book of Enoch itself, the one we have today has an origin and it is not from before the Flood.  The oral fables from the Israelite Cabalist were developed into a book by unknown persons to align with some New Testament prophecy.   So, to some it has the ring of truth, but a lot of people have quoted and used the writings of the New Testament to say a lot of things and to say everything they quote is a lie is not true either.  We have to remember that Satan deceived Eve by mixing truth with doubt and then a lie and Eve bought it, hook line and sinker.  We see this today with many very smart people not realizing how they are tainting the coming of our Savior and His miraculous birth, death and resurrection.

Now you know what I think.


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