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Holy Days

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Q:  Are we supposed to keep the Holy days or not?  Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets and other Feast day?

A:  I tried to keep, observe, the Holy Days of the Bible when I was first called.  It seemed to me at the time that something our Creator, YaHWeH, laid out in such detail should be something we should do.  For a little over three years I observed all the Sabbaths, the weekly and the High Sabbaths, all having to do with the Holy Days.  I admit, that in all my desire to be perfect and to keep from breaking even the least of the Sabbaths, the weekly Sabbath and the High Sabbaths, I often failed.  Slowly, through trial and error I began to discover that all of the requirements of the Holy Day observances could not be keep in their pure form with out the Temple, and without animal sacrifice.  Okay, sure, I bought the idea that our Lord was and is the final shedding of blood for sin, our sin.  But this leaves a big hole in the Feast days, those High Sabbaths and all, because these are all ceremonially tied to the slaying of bull, and goats, and sheep and lambs and doves, and all of these various animal sacrifices are directly tied to the Temple at Jerusalem.  A Temple that had been missing for around 1950 years.  In human time that is a long time.  

To properly keep the Holy Day, excluding the weekly Sabbath, you must travel to Jerusalem, the place YaHWeH chose to put His Name.  Jerusalem is really pronounced, YaH shalom, or Peace of YaH.  It is supposed to be the City of Peace, but today, in these Times of the Gentiles it is anything but.  Following in the example set forth by the destruction of the Temple I would say that the keeping of the Holy Days is, or has been put on hold.  After all, where is the High Priest?  As believers in the New Covenant our High Priest is in Heaven, and has promised to return and RESTORE what needs to be restored.  

No Temple, no High Priest and no animal sacrifices, seems to suggest we are not required to keep these Holy Days.  Does this mean we should ignore them?  Not at all, we should study them, learn what they have to teach us, because they tell us something, they guide us into the thinking and the Mind of our Creator.  These Holy Days were established for the people of Israel.  They never kept them in their purity either, and they never seem to be able to come to their full understanding as the OUTLINE for our Creator's plan, not just for Israel but for all people.  Anything that happens to Israel, happens to the world.  Prophecy centers around Jerusalem (YaHusalem -- Salem means Peace and YaH is His Holy Name).  

I recently read another of the arguments favoring our observance of the Holy Days and if we don't?  Then you are committing a sin, or several sins.  Believe me when I tell you that you are committing a sin if you believe in you heart that this is something you need and must do and you do not do it, then you are indeed sinning.  However, if you believe in your heart of hearts that you are not sinning, and you know why -- not just because someone said so, but that you know, then you are not sinning.  In fact, in today's climate, the absence of the Temple and the Priesthood you cannot properly observe any of the Holy Days, and that is a simple fact.
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