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Why oppose KJV

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Question: Why are you so opposed to the KJV bible?  It has brought millions to the Lord.

Answer:  First, I am not opposed to the KJV bible.  It is a wonderful work and has a certain grace making it a wonderful example in classic literature.  In my article “KJV Only?” much of my objections to using this bible as the only source is given but you have brought up a point that needs to be addressed.  You are correct in saying “millions” have been converted using this bible version, but it is also true that millions had been converted using other translations before the KJV ever came on the scene.  What made the KJV so important is that it came about because of others translating from the Greek into their own home language.  It soon became obvious the common men and women of the day wanted and would pay for copies they could read for themselves.  This, of course, was a threat to the clergy, the priest and other religious men who had power because they had become the source for reading and teaching the word.  What the Holy Spirit was inspiring was not a single translation or language but opening up the way for all men and women to be able to read copies of our Lord's words and the letters from His Apostles giving guidance to the Church.   

As the years rolled by this version became less and less of an eye opener and more and more a drudgery to read -- enter revised editions and then modern, up to date, translations -- like the KJV making the reading and understanding of the Word much more intelligible.  To combat change in language there has been at least three major revisions of teh KJV but still, today’s modern readers have trouble with it.  It is my opinion that the KJV bible has become a wall to many that would come to the word instead of a springboard into the faith that it should be.  While in its beginnings millions may have coveted this book and its message time has proven it has lost its effectiveness as the book of choice for the common lay member and this is proven by the success of the NIV, New International Version.   Don’t forget the reason for the KJV in the first place.  Side step the obvious political reasons of that day we see a desire to give the common people a book they could read -- mission accomplished.  This came with a price, however, with the lives of men like Tyndale, eventually dying at the Roman Catholic torture Stake for daring to translate and publish the New Testament into the common language -- in this case, English.  

I am not opposed to use the KJV, it is a good bible and has a multitude of bible aids and resources for the serious bible student.  What I oppose are those who claim it is the only God Authorized version -- King James commissioned the creation of the King James Bible, hence his name is all over it.  To say this is a God Authorized bible and therefore all other translations are from Satan is blaspheme.  For one, those holding that opinion and teaching this lie, are then calling King James God, as he is the one that Authorized this verseion and if you read the Preface to the 1611 AD version you will clearly see this is a Governmen of England Authorized version dedicated to King James.  Secondly, by calling all other translations from the so called, original Greek, works of Satan, they are saying the message in these modern bibles is a message from Satan, they blaspheme the Holy Spirit. 

So, my oposition is not to the KJV but to those who teach it is the only "inspired" word of God.  This is the same sin the Roman Catholic Church swam in before the revolt to deliver a translation into the language of the common people.  

Here is a good reference work on how we got the KJV bible and where it came from and how we have received the modern translations of today:  


This is an excellent book if you want an easy to read and understand book on how we got our bible then you could not do better than this work by Donald L. Blake.



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