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Jehovah and YaHWeH the Same

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Jehovah or YaHWeH?

Q: I have read this on a Bible research site -- just want to know what you think?  Someone asked about the use of the name Jehovah as opposed to YaHWeH in this Aramaic translation? . In the Aramaic Maryah (literally Lord Yah) is an exact equivalent for the Hebrew Yahweh.  In English it can either be written Yahweh or Jehovah, which is the same word just a different pronunciation of the same four Hebrew letters.  The reason that David Bauscher chose to use Jehovah in the translation instead of Yahweh, was that he believes it to be more readily identifiable by the general English speaking population as the Proper Noun for God.
Blessings, Tim.

A: This question comes from a forum asking about the use of the Name Jehovah in The Original Aramaic New Testament, by David Bauscher.  It was not an answer from Dr Bauscher, but some fan.  Here is my answer:  Thanks for sending this in and asking the question, and I have to say, that that is the dumbest answer I have ever heard.  Did you ask David Bauscher if that is his reasoning?  Yes, I do know that Dr Buscher uses the name Jehovah, through out His Aramaic Translation into English, which is strange, because the name Jehovah is not Aramaic, and it is not Hebrew either.  So the answer is that Jehovah and YaHWeH are the same, just pronounced differently?  My name is Dan so just call me Bob, after all, they are both names, right?  How stupid is that?  I do hope I have not hurt some Sensitive's feelings, but isn't it time to stop the madness?  See how silly that sounds.  2 Tim 3:6-7.  Not trying to be insulting but how can that be avoided with that kind of answer.  Also, the mentioning of the name Mary, or Mariam, as Maryah, meaning Lord YaH?  I know Dr. Buscher does present that as a truth.  But where does that come from?  I am in favor of such uncoverings but this seems to be more of a desire than a truth.  Everyone is familar with the title, Messiah, and I like to think it really stands for Messenger of YaH -- Mess iah = Mess yah, see?  But, this is coincidental, this title is in place of Anointed, which the Christian translators changed to Christ, from the Greek Christos, meaning greasy or oily, a slang for being Anointed with oil, or the Anointed.  Still, I like being able to suggest that Messyah means Messenger of YaH, but that does not make it a truth, just a nice coincidence.  We can work the name of Mary around this same way, and apparently some have.  The Dictionary has a couple of variations for the name of Mary -- Maria, Maryam, and now Maryah, which is coming from the variant, Maria as Marya.  Interesting but does not make it a truth.   

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