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Sacred Name Bibles?

Looking for a Holy Name Restored Bible?
His Name Restored Versions of the Bible Reviews
Presented by Your servant, Dan Baxley

[Brief Introduction, followed by the individual Bible reviews -- my own opinions from my own library]

Looking for a Bible that has restored the the Names of our God and the Birth Name of our Savior?  If so, then maybe I can help you with that:  First let me say, I do not sell bibles and I do not give bibles out -- there are lots and lots of sources and places you can download or buy, even at reasonable prices, a Sacred Name, or Holy Name Bible.  There is a multitude of works making bibles available on request.  Also, with the internet nearly everyone has access to the various versions, styles and types as never before in the history of man.  On this site I will list the addresses of the most popular works putting together the Holy Name restoration types of bibles.  These are versions I own and the reviews that follow are from my own observations and information provided to me.  I hope these reviews will help you to make an educated decision but remember, I do have my favorites and may be a bit biased in my reviews, still, I will be as honest as possible.  No matter what, these bibles as well as the many other versions and types do contain the Message of Salvation.  

Now, for my Introduction:

Over the last few years several Sacred Names Bibles have appeared.  The following are my choices, from the many, but let me warn you, not one of these, like all of ther translations, Sacred Name or not, are without error.  I have not found any bible versions, holy name bibles or not, without error.  Of course I believe that makes it much more exciting, Bible Study, that is.  Just think about it -- if the book was perfect, then, well, then what fun would that be -- no need to research, no need for multiple translation, and mankind, well, would be without any excuses.  Also, we are told that the actual Plan put together by our Creator and our Heavenly Father would not be such a Mystery, as we are told.  Look at all of the careers that would have been lost if the Holy Hebrew/Christian Bibles were, without question, perfect.  Of course, with this prefectness would have to come a world population with total understanding -- imagine, no more arguments, no more discussions, no more denial?  Boring, right?  The Genius behind this goes beyond what men or women could ever make up.  A Perfect Being, giving mankind something so imperfect, kind of like mankind (males and females), imperfect.  So, like word miners we dig for the Gold and the Silver, and in the process we grow in knowledge and understanding.  This imperfect Book actually improve us, makes us better, and works us like useless clay into something useful and even putting us in tune with our Savior, our Creator -- HalleluYaH.  

There is an error, however, that is more of a deception, a deception so big that it could truly lead seekers away from the true and rightful Savior, and losing Him, so the connect with our Heavenly Father is lost, because you cannot have the one without the other, so, we, believers, had better have His Holy Name right.  Names are important enough that believers of the Christian realm and other religions, too, go about a ritual called Baptism in the name of their chosen god or savior.  By this ritual of men and women, we should be sure, then, that we have and are being baptized into the Correct Name.  Enter those who see this truth, and this deception, and the efforts of men to deliver an improved translation by restoring His Holy Name.  This is a presentation, a review of some of those efforts, some better than others, but all attempting to restore something nearly lost among the Scholars and Bible experts from the ages, and that is not an easy job.

Restoring of our Savior's Birth Name to Scripture, to the written word, is an attempt at correcting this grave error, an error nearly all modern translations, from the King James Version to the New King James and all virtually all modern translations have accepted this great deception -- the replacing of our Creator's name, our Savior's Name, with lesser names, or a new and different name, and treating this deception as if it is truth.  Where are the great houses of Bible Publishers in correcting this?  Where, are they?  When will the NIV, or the ESV or the ASV, restore our Savior's Birth Name?  In today's explosion in knowledge and assessable source to the average man and woman, it is no longer hard to prove the error, the replacing of His Holy Name with a name that never existed before some four centuries, while His Birth Name has existed, at least, from the times of Moses.  Moses' second in command led the chosen people into the Promised Land, into what was supposed to be come the Kingdom of God on Earth, and this commander's name?  YaHshua.  In the Old English it was seen and written as Joshua, the J letter was originally pronounced as the Hebrew Y (called the Yod letter), in moder language this translates to YaHshua.  That other name is the creation of men.  On this Website you will find a great deal of material, all meant to inspire you to do some research of your own and to reconsider many of the things you were taught, either subliminally or straight from the pulpit.   

Moving forward:

One of my favorites is the "The Names of God Bible", edited by Ann Spangler.  This version, however, uses the the word, "yeshua" as the Name of our Savior, YaHshua, or YaHushua.  The error in this name is found in the dropping "H", this in effect cuts the Name of our Creator in half.  It is much better than the false name, JESUS, to be sure, but is still a mistake.  This error is slight and in general conversation it would be difficult to tell if someone is saying  Yeshua or YaHshua.  This Bible, however, goes to some length at placing emphasis on His Name, both in the New Covenant as well as the Old.  This is the only bibles that I know of for sale at brick and mortar Christian books stores.  It is also available online at   
A major error which nearly all sacred Name  translations seem to share is the practice of replacing the term, "god", in the New Testament (Covenant) with the Name "Yahweh".  The Name YaHWeH is founf throughout the Old Covenant but is misapplied by a wrong assumption in the New Covenant writings.

For example:  Ever occurance where the word or term "God" appears most of the name restoration translations replace with the name Yahweh.  This is wrong and leads to a mistake and misunderstanding as to just who our Savior is -- He is not and was not God the Father.  

Simply put, if you read the following verses you will see that YaHshua before He came in the flesh was our Creator -- He was not THE FATHER, but He was our CREATOR and identified Himself to Moses as YaHWeH.  John 1:3, 14 -- Heb 1:2 -- Eph 3:9 -- Col 1:16 -- To then take evey occurance in the New Covenant, in reference to God the Father, and "assume" this should then be translated as YaHWeH is not correct and can lead to a huge mistake in identifying our Heavenly Father, or for that matter, even not identifying the Son properly -- after all -- the Son existed before He came in the Flesh, and, in fact, is the Creator of all things -- (Heb 1:1-2 & Eph 3:9 & Jn 1:3 & Jn 1:14 & John 17:5).  This to, then, in an offhanded way, ends up mis-identifying our Savior as The Father -- He did not Father Himself, as the following quote  demonstrates:

(John 6:27)  Labour not for the meat which perishes, but for that meat (food) which endures unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for Him has God the Father sealed. KJB (also, Gal 1:1, 3; Eph 6:23; Php 2:11; ITh 1:1; 2Ti 1:2; Tit 1:4; 2Pet 1:17; 2Jn 1:3; Jude 1:1).  

Looking at one of the Holy Name Bibles, as an example, we have the following from the Hebraic Roots Bible (HRB), which is typical of nearly all other "resotration" name bibles making the assumption that YaHWeH of the Old covenant is the Father -- notice how this liberty is take, changing the Greek for God, that is Theos, into the Name YaHWeH, without any support at all, only an assumption:  

(John 6:27)  Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give to you; for YAHWEH the Father sealed this One.  HRB

How is it, then, that this is an assuption?  Assuming that YaHWeH, of the Old Covenant, is GOD THE FATHER?  By reading the verses referenced above we can all agree that the FATHER is not YaHshua, He did not father Himself and it is the Father that sealed Him and "preserved YaHshua", and it is YaHshua that sits, now, next to the Father.  So, if YaHWeH of the Old Covenant is not the FATHER then who is He?  

(Eph 3:9)  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God (the Father), who created all things by YaHshua the Messiah:  (also witness, Col 1:16; Jn 1:3; Ps 124:8).  YaHshua was YaHWeH, the Creator of all things, but not the original Author -- all things were created by YaHWeH on the Authority of the Father whom YaHWeH came as YaHshua to reveal (Matt 11:27).

Even if you do not agree with this observation or need more time to think about it or study it, one thing is sure -- there is room to question even these Holy Name translations about things assumed to be true, but in actuallity is not.  We see, even among these translations, disagreement, and questionable handling of the word.  But, remember, the great publisher of the Holy word, have taken great works of translations and have also been careless or influenced by, well, by, something or someone, into an error that leads to a type of denial of our Savior, something these Holy Name Bibles are trying to correct and they should be congratulated for that.  Still, the fact remains, most of these Holy name bibles have all, seemingly, made a mass asumption and replaced a certain, and important, term that referenced our Heavenly Fahter -- God the Father with the YaHWeH the Father -- this, as an actual translation, from God the Father or Yahweh the Father, is not found in any of the orgianl manuscripts.  They should not take such a liberty, and for that reason I do not endorse any of those translations following that practice anymore than I would endorse any one particular translation, whether Holy Name or not -- in other words -- I like certain translation over others but would not endorse any single one, leaving it up for you to decide.  What is common among all translations --  all contain the Message of Salvation and most of the Holy Name varieties identify the one true Savior, and at the least, point at the error of Modern translations, but the common denominator of all is Message and a Prophetic Word and words of warning.   

God the Father or YaHWeh?
I have written some of the editors of the works review and as of this date, none of them hear me.  The originals that nearly all New Covenant translations originate, the Greek and the Aramaic, on down through the Latin and then the English do use a term like "God" or "Theos", with out applying a name, so "God the Father": is never supplied a Name -- the workers/editors of these Holy Name bibles take it upon themselves to change the translation from "God the Father" to "YAHWEH the Father".  Still, if you do not see this at least there should be some doubt raised and it would be better not to just assume the Father's Name is YaHWeH, seeing the New Covenant writers, when referring to "God the Father" never called Him YaHWeH, but did call Him Father.  They all seem to make this mistake, this assumption.  

You have already read the verses above, indicating YaHshua as the Father of Creation, but not THE FATHER -- His Father.  There was another identified at the time of creation and our Savior came to reveal Him -- Mat 11;27.  Now, to repeat, if you go to the following verses you will see clearly the Father and the Son are two separate individuals, united in Spirit, true, but two separate beings, one of whom, until the New Covenant, had remained in the background.  Gal 1:1, 3 -- Pjp 2:11 -- 1 Pet 1:2 -- Jud 1:1 -- and many other verses demonstrate this same truth.  In YaHshua's previous Glory He was known as YaHWeH, but He did not father Himself, no, there was another, One whom YaHshua told us He came to reveal.  YaHshua longed to returned to the Glory (as Creator) He had before -- (John 17:5)  And now, O Father, glorify You Me with Your own Self with the glory which I had with You before the world was.

So, do you really need a Sacred Name Bible?  Yes and no, you do not really need one to see and understand the truth, to gaing and understand the message of Salvation and to understanding the New Covenant or the prophetic word, although, having a Holy Name Bible is of great value in all of these areas of study and if you do not now have one, get one.  If you are looking for the prefect Bible you will not find it, however.  Even the many holy name restored bibles that are appearing have different approaches.  Some stay with the King James Version and just restore the Name of the God in the English transliteration, Yahweh, while another uses the actual Hebrew characters in both the Old and New Covenant writings.

Our Savior's Name in the New Covenant writings is presented in various forms but all agreeing on the Hebrew/Jewish nature of our Savior, moving away from the corrupted Greek/Latin/English.  Others have a completely different translation of their own, favoring other translations to base their translation on, like the Aramaic/Peshitta, even then there is the Eastern and the Western versions.   Some find the wording in the Aramaic versions difficult to read as well -- same complaint with the King James version.  In the end we want a version that restores His given Birth Name to as close as possible.  This is important for many reasons, as you will discover as you read His Words and the words of His Apostles as they preach and teach in HIs Name.  Many scriptures coming, literally alive -- (Act 4:12)  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

I am personally comfortable reading any of the modern translations and mentally, or in writing, replacing the false identifications with the true -- it becomes second nature after some time.  For example, when reading the KJV and I come across the name JESUS I read it as YaHahua. When I write I will change this to YaHshua, which is allowed with the KJV because it is a public domain version.  Also, when I am reading the Old Covenant and I see LORD, in large caps, I then read, YHWH, or YaHWeH.  If, however, you want a bible that does this for you, then consider one of the following.  

I have supplied website links to the various Sacred Name Bible sources, and these links will take you to the sites and places you where you can obtain the version of your choice.  I hope the following mini reviews help in making a right choice for you.  And, as a point of full disclosure:  I own each of these translations and a couple more, most of whom are built on the King James Version, the public domain version.  So, this is my opinon and choice among many.  I may later include some Aramaic version, but so far I have not found one of the new Aramaic versions of any real worth -- they do not supply any further information or any real claim over and above what we already have.  Some will argue with this, but that is my opion and I have spent some time looking at this renew interest in the Aramaic versions -- most of which I see as OPINION translations. For now, here is my short reviews about those transltions I think are worth consideration.



Can be found on Amazon

Proper Names Version  of the King James Bible, by Names Publisher, LLC, Addison, Michigan :

I really like this Bible -- the quality of this Bible is top of the line at a very reasonable price (find on Amazon).  The cover is the soft imitation leather and feels very nice. Guilded (gold) page edging is a nice touch.  The spine, binding and all of the pages are not stitched but glue, in an effort to keep the cost down.  In contacting the Publisher about this they said they do have plans for a true leather, pages stitched version -- still, the flex is excellent and the paper used is top of the line. Stiching and gluing pages, building the spine is an is the accepted method adding longevity to books that people want to keep for a long, long time.  However, saying that, the modern glues used today and the paper quality add to value of this Bible and at a fair price.  Truly, in the end, it is how you treat your bible and how much you use it that really determines how it holds up.

The text is easy to read and in a single column, but unlike a "novel" format it does not cover the whole page, from edge to edge, but is positioned to the right of the page while a large margin created to the left pf the text contains some cross referencing, and leaves plenty of room for your own notes and references.  This is a well thought out format.  I like the smaller, dual column bibles for ease of reading, but found this to be a very nice compromise and find it easy to read, without a lot of eye movement, which can be tiring.

The publishers of this version -- Name Publishers, LLC -- do not give credit to any editor or editors and there is no bio.  I am guessing this is to keep from placing undue emphasis on themselves, which is admirable, but by some standards will cause some to be supicious of its origin -- it shouldn't but it does -- good or bad, the publisher should supply the name or names of its editors.  For this reason I wrote the Publisher and they were kind enough to supply me with the following information -- go to this link where I have published their email response --

Eventually I would like to see this version come out in a true leather version with the stitched binding.  The paper quality is nice enough and the binding good enough at this price and well worth adding to your collection or for serious Bible Study.

In a recent email exchange with the publisher they provided additional information concerning this version -- go to this link for this exchange -- email answer

This Holy Name Bible restores the Birth Name of our Savior, in its proper form for the modern reader in these times of cofusion.  

This version does not get tangled up in arguing over a single letter or letters of not benefit to His Birth Name and it's pronunciation.  Recognizing that the letters most argued over by other is the O and the U, both vowels spliced into the middle of His Birth Name, YaHshua -- examples;  YaHoshua and YaHushua.  Either would be fine but unnecessary in common use.

This Holy Name Bible does not overstep its bounds by assuming every time the term "god" or "God" appears that it must or needs to be translated into the generic Hebrew El or Elohim.  Too many seem to think that these Hebrew terms are names.  

If we are to accept El and Elohim as names then they should certainly not be used at all because -- as names -- these two terms found their way into the Hebrew Language from the Canaanite people, whom they displaced.  El was a god they called the father of all mankind, it is only later it became a generic term that could be applied to any god.  Thankfully, this version does not do that.

This version does not replace the term God with Yahweh everytime it occurs, under the assumption that this it the name of God the Father.  Nearly all other Holy Name Bibles, when it comes to the New Covenant writings replace the term God and God the Father with the Name, Yahweh.  Thankfully, this Proper Names version has not done that.  

This version has updated the language in a careful and thoughtful way without changing the wording to fit some kind of bias.  It is a pleasure to read and to hold.  This has become my favorite Holy Name Bible for reading and study.  

I have one point of disagreement, however, and that is in the Preface where the editor states that YaH is the short form of YaHWeH.  I do not believe that to be the case.  I have heard the argument before but in reality the sacred Name YaH stands on its own, and in reading Isaiah 12:2 and 26:4, after unwinding the translators efforts at dealing with His Name, caused by their inserting LORD and Adonia in place the original langauge never used these terms, we read -- YaH  YaHWeH, and YaH  YaHWeH.  Two Names repeated together, and this should give us a hint about the Father's Name, joined with His Name.  And, we find this Name, YaH, standing by itself some 49 times in the Old Covenant writings.  Other than that, this is, as I said, my favorite of all the Sacred Name Bibles to date.


NEXT, Hebraic Roots Bible, by Congregation of YHWH, NJ 07008:

This translation is based on an Aramaic version, as opposed to being a copy of the KJV with names restored.  This website offers a free download of their free version into a PDF file, or you can order a copy.  If you use e-sword bible software you can also get a bible module for this software for this bible -- -- for the software, and it is free.  Or go to the first link, above, and order a copy.  They do not deal in credit cards only personal checks and money orders, so it will be $30 plus whatever the shipping will be.  This makes it more difficult to obtain and while it appears on Amazon it seems to always be out of stock?

With all of that said, this version is a bit different in many places and to assume that just because it is a closer translation to the Aramaic branch of Christianity it is more accurate or without error would be a mistake.  Some may find this version a bit hard to read, even though the language is updated.  However, this version compared to all of the others, demonstrates, as they all do, the Miracle of the Word.  How is it possible so many versions from so many different translators, while flawed in a few places, are all the same -- they all contain and present the same message?  These translations all present humanity with the same truths, founded in the same, proven, moral principles and offer a solution to our failed, physical existence.  Just find the translation that best suits you and that may mean, owning more than one.  I personally like this version, and have a digital copy that I reference all the time.  However, like other versions, called the Sacred Names Bibles and Versions, this version takes the liberty of translating the term, God, in the New Testament as Yahweh, in nearly ever instance.  There is an argument against this practice -- for one, no matter the Aramaic bibles of old nor the Greek bibles did this, they used whatever the generic term was used in reference to the God of the Bible and did not

This bible can be ordered but you have to mail in a personal check, as instructed on the website.  But, at their website you will find a PDF version, free of charge, just download it to your device.  Also, they have free modules for e-sword and The Word software users.   


The Scriptures, by Institute of Scripture Research

This version, in an effort to avoid the various agruments in which letters to use ot not use for His Name they have elected to present His Holy Name in the Hebrew Characters and then each reader can read it as they see fit, as no pronunciation is provided.  This approach finds  support in Hebrew writings uncovered, between the Two Temple periods, where there was a practice the scribes used when copying the word, or creating a translation of the Word into current languages.  Everytime a scribe would come to the Holy Name, YHWH, they would reproduce it in the original Paleo Hebrew -- that is the Hebrew Moses spoke, a Hebrew that is lost now, only to be rediscovered in bits and pieces even in the preserving of His Name in the Paleo form -- found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Some of these writings came to light from the scrolls discovered at Qumran.  The scribes would be doing a fresh copy and when they came to the Holy Name they, or a Priest, would print the Holy Name, YHWH, using the original characters or letters, which would be different from the current language.  YHWH, is the English equivalent of the Hebrew, and the Paleo letters are still different from modern Hebrew or English.  
Here is a sample of the Paleo Hebrew, read from left to right, the four Letters:  

In this version, the ISR, being review here, they have elected to reproduce the Holy Names in modern Hebrew, not Paleo, but still following this same pattern, a pattern estblished by the copyist even before the Birth of our Savior, YaHshua.  Thus, you can use the pronunciation best suited to you -- does that make sense?  If you do not speak any Hebrew, however, then what use is this?  I guess you have to answer that for yourself.   It is stated in the Preface, by the editors, that by using the Hebrew characters they are avoiding the arguments over His Name.  

There is another name restoration Bible following this same procedure but they are using the Paleo Hebrew -- replacing LORD with the Paleo.  I do not have a reveiw for that version yet.  When I obtain a copy I will include it in this review.

This version uses the terms El and Elohim, mostly Elohim, in place of the English God or gods.  Sometimes these terms are mistaken as names, and used as names but they are not.  However, if El or Elohim are used as names, or a name then they could be traced back to the Ancients times before the people of Israel, in a time right before Abraham.  El was recognized as one of the Cannite gods, also among the times of Elba and other ancient civilizations.  The El was called the father of all mankind.  It is my opinion that this was actually Adam, to whom his descendants worshiped as a god.  However, used as a term that means only a deity of sorts, as a generic term, like god and God, and not a name, there fine.  But why would this translation use this Heberw/Canaanite term in place of the equally generic term, god or God?  Some in the Sacred Names Movement see this confilct of interest and refuse to use these terms, even though the Jews and others do.  

Also, in attempts to avoid conflict, as stated in their Preface, the editors avoid transliterating our Savior's Birth Name from the Hebrew into the English, yet, in the Old Testament we find His Name transliterated.  In the Book of Haggai we find a message to Zurubbabel and YeHoshua, a transliteration of His Name from the Hebrew into the English.  Plus, the editors also transliterate his Hebrew Birth Name, a name shared with the Joshua that led the people into the Promised Land, again, as YeHoshua, the whole book title as well.  

The last thing about this translation, is that they see the Holy Name YaH as a short form.  Others, like myself, would argue that this is not a short form, but a complete name, a stand alone name, and reference to the Almighty or all almighties.  Still, this translation finds favor with many and I to find it very informative and use it as a comparative translation along with many others I have in my library.  It is a quality translaiton, and the pricing is very reasonable.  It is worth the read.  


Restoration Study Bible, by Yahweh's Restoration Ministeries,  Holts Summit, MO

YRM is YaHWeH's Restoration Ministry and they have a Holy Names Bible based on the KJV, the "Restoration Study Bible".  It is unique in that it has keyed every word to the Strong's Hebrew and Greek Numbering system and in the newer updated revision some improvements have been made, one of them is to include the Strong's Hebrew, Greek Dictionaries as part of this Bible.  So, it is the latest revision you want, not the first published edition.  This version makes the same error as the others in translating the term, "god" or "theos" in the Greek New Testament as "Yahweh" in every case, and this is not correct and leads to an assumption that Yahweh is the Father. YaHWeH is the Creator but not the Heavenly Father -- if you read the verses given at the introduction you will see this.  We are told plainly that our Savior YaHshua was and is the Creator of all things by the power of God the Father, whom He came to reveal.  I will list, again some of the verses revealing this truth -- ignored by the YRM Restoration Study Bible --  Eph 3:9 -- Heb 1:2 -- Col 1:15 -- After reading these three verses then go to John 1:1-3,14 and it should make a lot more sense.  YaHshua existed before He came in the Flesh and while He created everything He did it by the order and power of another, THE FATHER, the One not really known about, nor seen nor heard before.  Most know of the Father but misidentify Him.

Even without that understanding we have to question, By what authority do they change nearly every occurance of the generic term God into YAHWEH?  There are no ancient translations of the New covenant writings that use YAHWEH in place of the terms god and God, originally Theo and Theos.  Of course this is not the only names translation that does this.  Some might find this translation useful merely from the fact that it has tied every word to a Strong's Hebrew and Greek numbers for easy look up in the Hebrew and Greek dictionary in the back pages.  Some might find this difficult reading, for that reason, but it is still and interesting approach and perhaps, worth a look.  


The Names of God Bible, by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing, Grand Rapids Mich. -- Search "names of god bible"

This bible can be found at your local Christian Book Store or you can find it at Amazon.  This version was originally based on the GW (God's Word) version and is available along with a newer version based on the KJV.  As mentioned before, I really like this Bible and now that it is out in KJV all the better.   Most study aids are based on the King James translation so this makes a good study bible and is reasonablly priced.

This is the only Holy Names version, or Sacred Names restored bible I have found in the Christian Book stores for sale and being published by a recognized Christian publisher.
This Version is loaded with information and studies about the Sacred Name and other Hebrew Names of significance.  The Name of our Savior is presented as "Yeshua", an obvious Christian/Jewish, Messianic influence.  Even though this is not truly the correct presentation of our Savior's Birth Name, It is a much better and closer to His true Name than the false name, Jesus, that the translators from King James 1611 AD to the present use to REPLACE our Savior's Birth Name, given to Him from His Heavenly Father.    

It is understood by some that the name Yeshua is a short form for YaHshua, or YeHshua, but this seems a little odd -- a short form by the removal of one letter?  It is more like a game being played, drop a letter, add a letter, a vowel here and a vowel there, take a Consonant out, make a new name, replace a name, hide a name -- some kind of name game.  Yeshua, with out the H letter, is the Hebrew transliteration for salvation. In other words, you could say, My yeshua is YaHshua.  As a short form, if someone insists, then it is not a full name, not the full name of our Savior, YaHshua, because they have dropped out the H.  

Still, this is a very nice translation with the Name of the God of Israel restored and the attempted restoration of our Savior's Name, it is an easy read.  With all of the notes and bible study assists I really like this version and for those prefering the King James Version, as mentioned earlier, this bible is now available in the KJV.   

Update:  I have purchased the KJV of this bible and it is terrible.  I may do a review on it later, but for now, steer clear of that particular verison.  


The Scriptures, online, digital version available:

An online choice --  you can go on line and read this version.  

Other Holy/Sacred Names Bible?

There are others but these are the versions I would suggest looking into.  There is a KJV called the Holy Name Bible that has been around since the since the early 60s edited by A.B Traina -- look on Amazon for this version ($40, leather cover).  These can be exspensive because of their rarity so shop around.

When it comes to these translations with the Sacred Names restored the main criticism many have against those doing this but with some very questionable treatment of some verses to align with a group doctrine by those publishing these Name Bibles.  This has been a complaint all along but in reality the changes made are few and those critics favoring the accepted modern version fail to recognize the huge mistake of these version having replace our Savior's Name with another name.  

This, of course, should lead us to question the critics own sources for comparison, right?  What the critic usually means is the few changes do not agree with what they believe and their intention is to side track the real issue -- should the true and rightful names of our Creator God and Savior be put back in the Scripture or not?

 In most cases the changes mentioned by the critics is in comparison to the King James Version.  This version, however, is rife with embedded bias from Christian believers coming out of the Roman Catholic Church.  

There is not and are no perfect translation -- not one!  The message and offer of Salvation is universal message and is found in all translations but these Bible and Holy writings are flawed, the Message is not, but the few errors in the transfer of the Covenant among languages is few, while the errors in words and form are many.  A quick example in the KJV is how in many places the verse numbering system breaks a sentence in the wrong place, and even a chapter, in a few other places, begins right in the middle of a discussion -- actually a very chopped up work -- it may not have started out that way but by the time verse numbering began this has been the case.  

Do we need other translations?  Yes, we do.  Some to improve on the language for modern readers and readers of languages other than English.  Most modern translations have included notes to mark questiponable verses and some verses and scribal notes that ended up in the text.  A good, and one of the biggest examples of this is found In Mark 16:9-20, were we discover that these verses were added to Mark's account some time in the 11th century.  

Still, some think the KJV bible, a government approaved and produced bible version, is God breathed and without error.  When an error is pointed out, the true KJV believer will tell you that the Holy Spirit inspired that error and so it is now part of Scripture.  It is difficult to converse with this kind of reasoning -- with the spiritually blind.

You will never find the prefect version.  If there were a "perfect" version, handed down from Heaven, most would still say it was a forgery a false hoax of men, etc. -- and the reason?  If it were prefect it must certainly be a forgery.  The truth, however, is found in every translation produced -- like it or not, even the worst of translations carries the message of Salvation.  

Satan does exist and he does see the threat to his domain.  He recognizes that he cannot destroy message, the offering of a New Covenant, a way for man to survive and walk into eternity so he does the next best thing, he goes after the One that brought us this offering, this New and better Covenant.  This is why we find a universal error that is connected with Salvation --

(Act 4:12)  And there is salvation in no other man, for neither is there any other NAME under Heaven having been given among men by which we must be saved.

Salvation is connected with His true Identity.  However, while Satan has seen this and has managed to influence men to change or cover this truth he, Satan, does not really understand the Salvation offering or, or, he has not been allowed to touch the Message, the Covenant offering but has been allowed to influence the changing of the Name bound to salvation of all mankind.  If that is the case, then why?  Just as a guess I would say it is to actually preserve His Holy Name, and the Holy Name of our Father in Heaven, keeping if from the lips of the wicked.  Look at how the false name, Jesus and god, are used in profanity?  Satan and men can plan and twist but in the end our Lord and our Heavenly Father always are able to turn it around making a negative into a positive.  

 ALL Scripture is Inspired but we are still required to "rightly divide the word of truth" (1Tim 2:15), no matter what translation we favor.


YaHshua Servant's Reading Bible (YSRB) -- PDF

Hope this helps in your quest for the perfect answer to imperfect versions -- YaHshua is our Head our teacher as is our Heavenly Father and as we search through the Words of truth they will lead us into all truth as we can receive it.  Having more than one translation to resource is of great advantage and will help expand your understanding.  A great deal of scholarship has gone into the Modern Translations to unscramble some of the mis-wording and misunderstanding in cultural differences and phrases, all to our benefit.  Peace, your servant, Dan   email:
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