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Questions you Never Asked

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Questions You Never Asked & Answers You Don't Want to Hear

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This Q & A came about by the many questions received from a Website I started back in the late 90's, a Website that changed a few times and remains today at  Much of the material for the Website you are presently looking at came from that website.  

When a person becomes interested in Bible Study few take off on their own but some do and questions come up.  Both this website and began as my Bible Study to share what I had found out with others.  It has been a long journey and my interest in Scripture came when I was called -- my eyes were opened and I saw the real solution to the world's problems, to man's problems clearly.  I took refuge in the safety of a religious organization and began their Bible Study program for the biblically illiterate.  

I soon discovered, after about three and a half years of study, following their program and teachings that they were in error on several points.  While they taught we should all listen to what our Bible says first, they did not apply this rule to themselves, and when questioned or presenting personal studies bringing into question their own teachings I was told to either go along or get along, in so many words.  Staying with the number one principle in any Bible Study or research I had to "get along".  What surprised me was the only other person that was willing to accept the Bible first, over that of a man, was my brother of the flesh and the Spirit, Ron.  

I brought this up to him, those many years ago and he immediately told me he had those same questions and concerns.  We in the same group and found it more than coincidence the we had both come to the same point in our Studies to see this group, this organizations centering around the leader as opposed to the Christ and His Word and the words of His Apostles.  Suddenly, or so it seemed, they began to call the Leader or founder of this organization the Apostle of God.  

At the point of questioning some of their doctrinal issues I, and my brother came into the knowledge of our Lord's true Identity.  It was mind blowing and so obvious.  I tried to present this knew knowldge at the Spokesmen's Club but they would have none of it.  My brother saw it, but strangely, not from me but from questioning a Jehovah's Witness at work.  

He could see very soon as he looked into this matter himself that the Jehovah's Witnesses were wrong in several areas and the name they had chosen was in error.  This led to other exposes, for both of us, when it came to other Christian Churches and as impossible as it seemed the whole of Christianity was calling on a different name from the true Name, the Birth Name of our Lord -- a Name by and under which all must be saved -- Acts 4:12 -- and it needs no interpertation.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest deception of all time is the changing of our Lord's Name, a Name that contains the Name of His Heavenly Father.  

This Website and the had been started after many years of walking in the wilderness looking for other groups or organization with this same knowledge only to find  they too were blind a revelation only our Savior YaHshua would give to those He has called -- the Identity of our Heavenly Father.  The Christians know there is a Father but just like the savior they have misidentified they do not know the Father either.  And, again, sad to say, many groups, like the Hebrew Roots Movement, and the Sacred Names Movement do not seem to have a clue.  

The question arose, Should we make this knowledge known to them?  After all, it s our Lord that makes this revelation -- Mat 11:27.  This knowledge did not come to me until many years having left the Organization I study under initially, and organization that right at the time of this revelation of our Savior's true Identity was make known to them, not only by me but by a leader of the Sacred Names Movement, this organization put out a magazine dedicated to opposing His true Identity -- nearly 50 pages of denial.  At the exact same time a scandal broke that divided the this Church -- of course it was of a sexual nature, isn't it always?  Maybe a third of the membership fell away.  But, this scandal effectively covered the major truth coming out.  My brother and I had been spared this because we had independantly came to this knowledge before we could be influenced by the scandals.  Today this Church is not longer.  Once great, powerful and growing, it splintered into many different groups, basiclly all teaching the same thing, still, and not one of them (some estimate over 50 separate groups) seeing and accepting the true Identity of our Lord.  Many of these groups still proclaim the now deceased Leader as the Prophet and Apostle of the Living God, continuing to teach his teachings and carry on in a mixture of truth and lies.

It is the aim of this Q & A to provide some answers to those questions many Christians do not bother to ask -- going along to get along -- and some of the answers they certainly do not want to hear.  This is for the seekers of the Truth, not what they, the Christians, think is true.  

If you continue on this website and follow the articles of study and have questions we will try to respond with answers according to the Scriptures with a warning when it is speculation or just an opinion.  Too many have made up doctrines on an unproven theory.  Many do not like our answers, some, however, write to tell us what a breath of fresh air it has been to see someone has made sense of things they always wondered about.  It is difficult to questions the experts, but question them we must.  If we do not hold the preachers and teachers feet to the fire then who will.  We do not follow a bunch of men or self proclaimed prophets, but we follow the one and only man and Savior YaHshua, our Head and our Teacher and we learn from Him and the writings of His Apostles, just as He asked in His final prayer.

(John 17:9) I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which you have given me; for they are yours.

(John 17:11)  And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.

(John 17:20)  
Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;

This we try to do and hope and pray we have been mostly successful in this -- basing our teachings and revealations as well as our thoughts and opinions and speculation, even, on their sure words.  Peace, your servant, Dan

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