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Emails From You

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Email Responses:

Reasoning through Email instead of Social media --

– I find this type of communication, via email, as opposed to the more immediate social networks like Face Book and Blogging sights, keep the atmosphere much more civil.  Also, this gives those taking the time to send in a view, an opinion or a study, time to think about what they are about to say.  I have gone into many different “Forums” only to end up in the middle of a “slugfest” – it soon becomes a forum for the Pharisees and the Scribes and the God haters alike.  There is the usual piling on, spiritual kicking and eye gouging all in the name of the religion each thinks they represent.  Of course, for some strange reason, the critics of all religion, particularly Christianity, seem to show up to call everyone idiots – they of all those present demonstrate their lack of understanding and their own ignorance disguised in worldly wisdom.  So, being turned off by such activities and seeing the Internet as a real tool in sharing the faith I have elected to go Email only – the Social Medias seem to have been taken over by the spiritually crippled.   Yes, there are some real truth seekers present but sooner of later they become out numbered.  By email there is a time lapse that lets cooler heads prevail and challenge the critic with some real critical thinking and cuts those off at the knees that just want to be heard by calling other names and presenting themselves as more intellectual.  

The aim of my responses to serious emails sent in by our readers are not to call names but to encourage and to correct, however, sometimes naming names cannot be avoided and we are told to expose those we know to be deceived or deceiving others either on purpose or by mistake (Eph 5:11).  

Of course we cannot all possibly have the same degree of revelation or knowledge at the same time, but to decern the truth should be a given for one of our Lord's "called out ones".  Still we are all different personalities and some called to different callings but still, of course, even then, not everyone takes  correction so easily and sometimes a long discussion ensues with many emails being exchanged.  No short hatchet jobs but serious and lengthy discussions sometimes ensue as we all try to get over our life long biases which we have , many times, accepted as truths and when we hear otherwise it can be difficult to deal with.  Still, a truth seeker will not close all doors of ears because the author of real truth will crack through to those He has called or is calling.  

It has always amazed me when someone knows they have a certain truth because they say the Holy Spirit has made this or that known to them.  In such a case the discussion is usually over – how can anyone discuss or even argue with someone that has received the absolute truth of a matter when it comes from the Holy Spirit?  Well, you can’t, as that would be arguing against our Heavenly Father.  Still, I feel obligated in such situations to point out any objection that is counter to the clear written word.  Sure, some of the wording, especially in the KJV, is not so clear but enough of what is written (99.8%) is clear and should take no special interpretation by a truth seeker -- for the revealation of truth is not so difficult, it is overcoming the teaching of the past, the baise of the greater group or groups -- sometimes it is easier to go along to get along.   The word says what it says, as recorded by those inspired to say it and we should recognize this as words of truth that is enough already said and to add to it is to deny enough has already been said or revealed for our time.  In other words there is no longer any more special revelations from our God, as He would only be repeating Himself.  Scritpure is not continually being written.  We have the complete Word and all that we need to know to accept the Testimony of our Lord by His Apostles as our own like confession and testimony that YaHshua is the Risen Son of the Living God, that Ancient of Days, our Heavenly Father, too.  His Word, His words given to men to write down -- ever read the Old Covenant books and read how often it is YaHWeH that is doing the talking?  How often the Apostles quoted the Hebrew Scriptures?  

In the New Covenant we have a similar situation, the Christ YaHshua's words are recorded for us and then His Apostles have left us letters to the various church groups, called ones to learn from.  No more needs to be said, the word has been delivered.  Do not forget, all of the Apostles taught from the words of the Prophets found in what we call the Old Covenant.  Moses was a prophet, even Saul, first King of Israel prophesied but we are not told what he said in his inspired moments.  King David is counted among the Prophets as well and then we have the writings of the other Prophets, some having lived during the same time periods.  These are prophets of record that the  Apostles of the Messiah quoted over and over again.  The Old Covenant was set aside in favor of a New Covenant but the Prophetic Word was not moved aside as the Apostles proved by quoting it so often.  This is a fundamental principle many in the Christian churches ignore.

Much of Bible Prophecy has not been finished or fulfilled.  When our Lord said the Scriptures would endure to the ends of the earth and that He did not come to abolish them – He meant it.  Saying much has been fulfilled is to say that much has not been finished as well.  In fact, a lot of detail concerning the prophetic future we read about in the book of Revelation of YaHshua the Messiah is found to fit, like a revealing puzzle with words written by the Prophets of old, words written down and recorded long before the Gospel Message was recorded for us in what we call the New Covenant.

I say all of this so the readers of these email exchanges and answers will know where I am coming from – agree or not, this is what I see and understand at this time.   Believe me, I have lived long enough to see my solid opinion about some things and some doctrines change – if what we believe today cannot be shaken and is the absolute truth then we allow no room for growth -- true, truth will stay firm but we should not decide that even truth should not be challeged, this is what is known as rightly deviding the truth (2 Tim 2:15).  A child that says I know it all already, is a child and remians a child never maturing to and adult, it is our responsibility to continue in our growth, even if it means challenging accepted doctrines over and over.  Still, it is the right of every believer to see things differently all dependent upon where they are in their Spiritual growth, this makes for some interesting discussions but also some great growth and development.  

Our Lord and our Heavenly Father as well, will guide us as we need and when we are ready to see more clearly, as we all work at removing the Fog of Religion.  This is a never ending journey and not until we see our Lord and join Him will all of the Fog be removed and then what needs to be restore will be restored.  Until then we are all stumbling around in the fog to one degree or another.  Specualtion is speculation and opinion is opinion and can make for interesting observations but like theories in science should not be accepted as truth until we are shown otherwise -- one way or another.  

With that said I hope the following exchanges and emails will encourage you to study the word and see what it says to you without all of the screaming and shouting.  No hate mail allowed, period!

Send any questions or observations you may have to the following email addresses:

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