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His Name is Greek?

Dr and Prophet, Bob Thiel -- COGwriter, Continuing Church of God, Early Christianity Background

In a message -- dan@servantsofyahshua.com writes:

Greetings Mr. Thiel
Thank you for your timely response.  I know that I mentioned Zeus, in my last email and you answered with a teaching you have about lacking a connection between the name of The Zeus and the name Jesus.  Fine, but we understand that the name JESUS never existed until around 400 years ago, and yet there seems to be a connection, even so, in its pronunciation, by nearly a third of the world's population -- a population that still pronounce this name as HeyZeus.  That aside -- It  is not about a "Zeus connect", that was not my point in our last exchange.  It is about the use of a name, any name, used to replace our Savior's Name, the Name He came in, the Name He was given at birth, not by men but delivered to both Mary and Joseph  through the Angel Gabriel.  You should know all of this, being a  prophet and all.  

What I wanted was your thoughts on why you use the name JESUS  (Geezus) when you know He was never called by that name by any of His  earlier followers and certainly not by any of His Apostles?  I thought  you might have a really good or reasonable answer?  

I have asked several  others and they have nothing -- the standard -- that that is His Name  in Greek, which borders on a lie - JESUS is not Greek.  I mentioned the  Zeus thing only in irony -- how ironic, that this name is pronounced by  so many in the world as, heyZeus.  Putting all of that aside, I am  asking if you have the answer for why was His Name changed?  Especially,  when we consider that we still have His Name, or the name He was named  even to this day -- the Old English, as you know, is JOSHUA, not JESUS  -- the two are completely different, and if we correct Joshua to its  more likely pronunciation, it is YaHshua, even further removed from the  Jesus or Geezus.  I am thinking that you have so much knowledge in the  word that you must have a good answer for this?  Forget the lack of a  Zeus connection, other than in pronunciation, by some, and tell me why  was His Name Changed?
Sincerely, Dan Baxley -- dan@servantsofyahshua.com

On 9/28/2022 , Bob Thiel, cogwriter.com wrote a Response:
Dear Don:
To answer your questions, understand that the New Testament never uses the term Yahshua or anything similar for the Saviour's name. His name in the Greek, which GOD INSPIRED, is pronounced I ee soos and that is what is in scripture. No one probably called Him that personally either when He was on the earth, but that is the name that the New Testament recorded. In English, that ended up being "Jesus."
Hope that helps you.
Bob Thiel


Let's see, where to respond?  So, the "inspired is pronounced", I ee soos?  Strong's Greek Dictionary agrees with you --

This quote I added for the reader's benefit:
Of Hebrew origin [H3091]; Jesus (that is, Jehoshua), the name of our Lord and two (three) other Israelites: - Jesus.

So, you know all of this, and still insist on a "Greek Inspired", God breathed language.  If so, then why aren't you teaching that his Name is to be pronounced, I ee soos, or ee-ay-sooce, in stead of Geezus (Jesus)?

His Name, "...just ended up being "Jesus", you say?.  Really?  Sorry Bob, but that is not the answer I expected, at least, not from you.  The Greek is not an inspired language any more than any other language.  Some will agree with you, and many do agree with you, but for those who still have questions or comments send to -- dan@servantsofyahshua.com

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