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YaHshua or Jesus?

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YaHshua or Jesus?

Q. If Messiah's name is to be spread all across the world, so everyone knows of
our Christ. Then why is Jesus wrong? The salvation message is being spread
throughout the world, but in Jesus name , not the name of Yahushua.How do you explain the message going throughout all the world in "Jesus name", not another. He isn't going to wait for us to wake up and call him by
another name and then go out into the world and start all over again. Why would he allow this to happen if it mattered to him what anyone calls him. There isn't time to start  all over, and think of the people all across the world worshipping Jesus. Will they die and go to hell, will we for calling him this and teaching this to others. Wouldn't he have stopped it by now? The English language is worldwide. People know him as this. What about all the miracles done in his name, what about all those who call on his name are they not saved.
Please tell me your opinion on this matter
Thank you Mary

A. Here it is again, and here is an answer in a little different tone:
Do not confuse preaching the Gospel with the preaching of His Name.  The Gospel, or the message of the Good News preached to the World is being and has been preached by your Bible -- His message delivered by His Apostles.

(John 17:20) My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their (Apostle’s) message,

It is the Message from our Savior through His Apostles that help to bring us to belief and the promise of the Coming Kingdom -- the message is in tact, it is His birth name that has been replace.  The Gospel cannot be preached by anyone apart form the Words of His Apostles, by the words they left us in their letters, letters we call the New Testament.  The revelation of our Savior's Name and that of the Father is not a guarantee, it is a truth, an important truth but we also have a warning, a prophetic warning from our Savior --

(Mat 24:5)  For many will come in my Name, claiming, 'I am the Christ, ' and will deceive many.

His prophetic words are a warning for us today.  The time is coming, however, when every knee
will bow to Him and call, or confess His Name and no other -- that is a truth.

The Gospel of our Lord YaHshua is in the message. What happens, or should happen when the Gospel of the Bible is preached?  What should happen is you will be pointed to YaHshua as Savior, of Jewish birth, not a Gentile, with a Name that Glorifies His Father in Heaven.  Our Father in Heaven is not named Jesus.  The Name Jesus is a deception, a name that did not exist until about 400 years ago.
Does our savior, or the Father care what we call them?  Don't listen to me, read it from your own Bible:

John 12:28 -- What Did He glorify?  What is He going to Glorify again?  John 17:11

Acts 4:12 -- What Name is it?  When this was first spoken His Name was YaHshua

Rev 13:17 -- Do names matter?  

Php 2:9  -- Whose Name is above every Name? Eph 1:21

Matt 18:5 --  In whose Name are we to receive the Children of God?

Matt 10:22  Hated for whose Name Sake?

Matt 18:20 -- Gathered in whose Name?

Rev 2:13 -- Have not denied what? Rev 3:8

Rev 22:4 -- And whose Name is on their foreheads?

I could go on and on with this and suggest you, or anyone with the same question, read these verses.  Yes, the whole world is deceived and virtually all Christians are not of the baptism of YaHshua but of John and that is the baptism of "repentance" only.  The time is coming when all believers will be baptized into the Name or our Savior and that is the Baptism of Salvation and eventually the baptism of fire.  The "going to Hell' remark is a demonstration of ignorance concerning the place of the dead and of the great judgment coming on the world.  The innocent will be judged as innocent from the beginning of creation to the end and the remaking of the new Earth and new Heavens and the wicked will be judged and rightly divided, or separated from the rest.  

The name being promoted as Salvation is not the name of our Lord and Savior and if you cannot read your own bible and see this one thing then welcomed to the Christian World of deception, you have lots of friends. You reasoning is flawed as if you say the Name does not matter, the you must say the name JESUS means nothing, are you prepared to do that?  You know it does matter, but first you must decide you're part of the deceived and need to ask for the blinders to be removed then you will see you Bible with new eyes and hear with new ears.  Finally, read Rev 3:5 and pray your name is in that book and  If your name matters, then how much more His.  And ask yourself, whose name is our Savior going to confess before His Father? Yours, of course, so do not let anyone tell you names are not important.

(Rev 3:5)  The one who conquers will be clothed thus in white garments, and I will never blot his name out of the book of life. I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels.

If our name matters, how much more His?

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