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Demoncratic Party Leadership

Q:  What do you think about the Democratic Leadership?  Didn't that Party originate in the Bible Belt of America? I thought they were supposed to be more Bible centered and for the "little guy"?

A:  They started out as the Party of the South.  They supported Salvery and fought against the Norther Republicans in efforts to end slavery.  They seem to have evolved and figured out how to continue enslaving people there have a history of being enslaved.  Crazy how successful they have been at doing just that.  The Democratic leadership continue to hold influence over those they once held in chains a century ago.  

The "littel guy", for them has been translated into people of color and then they define what color is.  It used to be black skin pigmentation and if you noticed, in an historical context, the masters who were supposed to be representative of the Black population, were nearly all white folks.  Today, the Littel Guy is defined as anyone of color, or what they are not calling the "brown people", and that is highly subjective.  What this Party of No Racial Discrimination, have, themselves become some of the greatest Racist of this century -- maybe they always were, they were just better at hiding it.  

Let me ask a question -- What is the Christian or Bible teaching about all of this race stuff?  

Gal 3:28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Anointed YaHshua.

This is the same as saying, there is neither black nor white, and unemployed or an employed or man or woman, all are one, one race in YaHshua.  True unity in humanity.  

Your question?  What do I think about the Democratic Leadership?  I will let a comment from Wikipedia speak to that --

Today, the terms Jacobin and Jacobinism (also known as "Robespierrism") are used in a variety of senses. In France, Jacobin now generally indicates a supporter of a centralized republican state and strong central government powers and/or supporters of extensive government intervention to transform society.

This seems to be an adequate description.  We hear a lot about how the Demoncratic Party is running toward Commusim or some sort of Socialist system.  Maybe why they are hard to define is that they are really left overs from this French elite movement?  They are not true Demoncrats, as people generally define the word, Democrat, with Democracy, which, they are not, as they seem to be working to tear down Democracy and get rid of the Constitution for their own purposes, just like Jacobins.  They appear to be Jacobins or Jacobites and if using socialism will help, then they will, and jus like in socialism, it is truly a small select, elite group that rules with an iron fist.  Gotta keep the worker bees in line.  And, of course, these leaders know what you and I and all of the under educated people need and should do.  This is where the true Liberal, whom the Jacobins have adopted and whom true Liberals have been nursed into believing they are of a common cause -- they are not and if the pure Jacobins, the top leaders and the Socialist Jacobins, the lower and younger marxist have their way, the true Liberals will be jail, or worse, killed.   

Hypocrisy runs through both parties of course.  Don't forget -- religions can be and often are part of all this.  There are Religious Jacobins as well.  The ROMAN Catholic Church is a good, historical example.  I attended an audience of the Pope once, and watched as the super Elite sucked up to the Pope, bowing, crawling, kissing his hand and his feet in their finest dress and sitting in privileged seating while we common folk watched.  I guess the commoners saw something different from what I was seeing as they all would erupt in shouts of adoration, in Group Worship of this man dressed in 80 pounds of cloth.

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