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Yeshua or YaHshua, or YaH-Zues?

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Yahshua, or YaHushua Controversy  

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Q:  It seems there's a lot of controversy over the name of the Son of the Almighty.
You say His name is  YaHshua  but others say His name is Yeshua and that your variation has no validity in the Hebrew scriptures. Here is that site
Obviously if your so intent on having the one true name of Him then it would be of the most paramount importance to address this.. Others say Yahushua, Yashua, Yoahushua and such like but according to entymology these are not true in Hebrew.
Can you comment?
A:  Thanks for the question, Brian.  How many times I have defended my, and many, many other's opinion and research into this question.  In the end we have to listen to the spirit, something some people call "our heart", and with "our Heart" His Holy Spirit will speak to us.  It does not hurt to confirm what many of us, throughout the whole earth, a few here and few there, one over there and one there -- spread out like the salt of the earth.  

First, if you go to the website that this reader has linked to -- -- and by the question it seems that you assume that that presentation is about variation in His Name among other, or believers. You are taking issue with my continual support for our Savior's Name as, YaHshua.  More on that Birth Name of our savior later.  For now the issue is all about the information found on the linked site, The Nazarene Way.  Secondly, that site is not promoting other alternatives nor is it arguing that my Name of Choice is wrong.  What that site is attempting to prove is that the name, no matter how many different ways are all pagan names of other gods.  Then it commits the sin of blaspheme by saying that the name of our Heavenly Father, the Creator and sustainer of all life in the flesh and the Spirit is Zeus.  That is their point of course, and PROFANE His Holy Name by tying it to a favored deity, they say, of Emperor Constantine.  

The way they are using His Holy Name is to take it and join it to the pagan name, ZEUS.  This is their stupid attempt at throwing all variation, legitimate variation, when it is understood that His Name is indefinable (the first part, YH, or YaH) with the discriptive second part (WH, or VH for some).  It is the second part that carries the definition about what He is doing.  This is something that site Nazarene Way misses, as do most other, but in their vain attempt to discredit the TRUTH, they have this convoluted site full of word games that only a fool would agree with.  They, in effect, by joining and attempting to prove or show that because some of the pagan names handed down from Sumer and from Babylon and attached to the Name of the God of Israel and later attached to the First Born of the Living God, then the name or names are all bad -- except, of course, the worst of them all, the 15th century name, JESUS.  Which, in fact, is pronounced as HeyZeus by nearly a third of the world.  In their treatment of this subject they are calling our Heavenly Father and His Son, Zeus.   They dare to combine the pagan name of a pagan god with His Holy Name -- then, then, again, Israel and Judah were accused of this very thing, Profaning His Holy Name among the nations, and the Nazarene Way give us an example of that very thing.  Lev 22:32 -- Eze 36:20.  You will have to go to that link to see how they are doing this -- nothing complicated, they drop off the last part of His Name and replace with the name Zeus.  

But, to answer the last part of the inquiry -- "...according to entymology these are not true in Hebrew."

The Name is not Hebrew but is used by the Hebrews and was given to the Israelis, through Moses -- Ex 3:14, as a good representation of His Holy Name.  Reading the Book of Genesis what do we find?  We find His Name being used first in Chapter 2, in the account dealing with Adam and the building of the Garden of Eden, way before Abraham or Moses or Isaac or Jacob or the people of Israel.  And, in the writings from the surrounding nations and in the land of Canaan, we find that His Name was known and used -- even before Abraham.  The skeptics what to say that because His Name was known by those before the Flood and after the Flood, by the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Hittites and the Cannanites that that name is there for pagan -- no, all that proves is that Our Creator was known.  

Reading Genesis, preflood -- (Gen 4:26)  And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD. -- It is recognized by all Hebrew Bible scholars and teachers that the men who translated the Bible into English, replaced the transliterated the four characters of His Name, YHWH with LORD.  That means, that the latter part of this verse should read, "...then began men to call upon the Name of YHWH".  The Ancients new His Name.  Of course, they also had names for many other things and objects that they worshipped and eventually the Name of their Creator became just one of the many gods.  According to Scripture, the Hebrews or the fathers of the Children of Israel did not know His Name.  They may have known it, as they knew then names of many things called gods, but YHWH set up  a special time to introduce Himself to Moses by His personal Name.  By that very act, our Creator, pulled Himself out of the line up of all other gods and goddesses and identified Himself as the One and Only Creator of all things.  EEssentially, throwing all of the other gods, identified by name, into the burn pile.  

To say that because His Name existed before Israel and is therefore a pagan name is stupid.  The Hebrews did not invent His Name and neither did anyone else, but the name JESUS is an invented name, and is no older than 400 years.  The name YaHshua, or Joshua, is over 3,000 years old, dating, again, back to the time of Moses.  Joshua, more correctly, YaHshua, was given the task of leading the people, the chosen people of YHWH, into the Kingdom, into the Promised land.  This is the same name given to our Savior at Birth.  The Name, YHWH, pronounced as YaHWeH, is even older, dating back to and even before the Flood.  

I am a gentile, as best as I can tell, but I was named a name that is kin to Daniel, a Hebrew Name, yet I am not Hebrew.  Our Creator's Name and the Name of His First Born Son, YaHshua, are not Hebrew either, they existed before the Hebrews, but they became Hebrew Names among the people, just like my Hebrew name was given to me, although, I am not a Hebrew. This can and does work in reverse.  In fact, some Jews, under duress of times past, change their Jewish names to be more European, or Slavic in nature just to get away from being Jewish -- does that make those Jews any less Jewish, no, only the abandonment of their religion, but they would continue to be descendants of some Jewish or Israeli branch.  Yes, our Creator's Name has been known from the beginning and it has always remained the same.  In Jewish or Israeli, or gentile languages it has remained the same, it was not invented by the Hebrews.

One other final observation -- people around the world, separate groups and nations, all use a mixed language.  Languages of mankind are bits and pieces of other original languages.  It is a miracle, however, that the name YH, YaH, YHWH, YaHWeH has actually remained intact for thousands of years, and has been known from the Beginning.  What the author or authors of The Nazarene Way are doing, amounts to "guilt by association".  Your friend killed someone, so, you are the murder.  Really, just give it a little thought, wouldn't it make sense that His Name, His personal Name would be known, even before Israel came into being?  It is not that the Hebrews got the name no one else knew and of course, it makes sense that the ancients before and after the Flood would know His Name but it would not be the only name around -- people being people would have many gods, lots of gods and names, lots of names, including the only one that should really count, but, as mentioned, people being people had rather worship something they can touch or see and it only made sense that there should be a god for every individual thing, fire, water, the stars, etc., etc.
Thanks to Brian, we are going on another journey into why we call on Him by His Name YaHshua and not Yeshua or YaH _? Profaning His Holy Name does not seem to be such a big deal for some.  This will be explained as we go through this study, once again.   
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