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Emails & Questions

A brother sent me a link to Monica Dennington on You Tube -- Tic Toc Ministeries.  I was very impressed with a couple of her messages until it came to an all out asault on the male dominated leadership within the Churches.  She called for all women to rise up in the Gospel -- like she is doing.  I am fine with women in the church as teachers of the Word, but not as priests (at this time) Elders or Deacons.  I a couple of exchanges with her on this subject she sent me messages a message, which I post here as an email received and responded to.  My purpose is to help others that have been treated this way to take heart, their are wolves roaming around and no one said the wolves all had to be men.  If you want to take a look and listen here is the link to her ministry.  She has a certain charisma and when looking back at her work you see a transformation taking place, the red hair, and other fashionable work.  I questioned her changing the word "servant" to "Deaconness" and applying this to women teachers of the first Century Church.  The following echange insued.  

Q: Would Jesus consider you to be one of his disciple according to his own words in Luke 14:33?  Monica Dennington

A: Love that verse -- same thing He told the young rich man, to sell all he had and give it to the poor then, "Come follow me" -- Mat 19:21 -- The context of Luke 14:33 is not plural in nature but singular, "disciple" not "disciples", a small thing but when we read the historical record in the Book of Acts and many others -- the other instructions from Paul we get a picture that followers cannot all be "perfect", in fact some are told to be keepers of their own home, and that not all can be Apostles or preachers (Eph 4:16 - different parts of the whole) . "...whosoever he be of you...", He this said, to those around Him at that time, before He was sacrificed for us, His blood making it possible for us to be his followers.
  We are even instructed to remain as we were called, "are you a slave" (1Cor 7:17-18; 20-21) or are you married to an unbeliever (1 Cor 7:13)?  Many other instructions to followers of YaHshua puts what He (YaHshua) said, back then, leads me to believe He meant to follow Him on His current journey to the Cross.  12 men and some women we know of did just that and followed Him to the Cross, (Literally) and later (50 days) 3,000 in one day (baptized), but (after that) we witness in the Word a change and expanding of worship in a spiritual nature -- not all have the same gifts (1Cor 12:4; 15-18).
    I know you know all of this because I can see you know your bible very well.  But we need to be careful in plucking our single verses.  When we accept YaHshua as Savior we are most certainly to have a willing spirit and if led to give up everything and give it to the poor, then, there would be no other choice.  It was a rich man that buried the Messiah in his tomb, and he was called a believer and a "disciple", so our Lord's words had a deeper meaning and He was making a point -- (Mat 27:57)  When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was YaHsha's disciple:
Good exchange -- I wish I could keep my comments as short as you are gifted to do.  I know you have a love for the Lord and do what you feel driven to do.  But, in following the word, be ready to change your mind about things, don't get locked into a pet doctrine.  Peace, Dan
(I did reedit my response to correct some spelling opps -- and I have added some verse references to support what I wrote)

Q: Her response --
You have provided justifications for your disobedience to Jesus words using bad scholarship. You are not able to respond to the question with obedience. Jesus would not -- by his own definition (not yours) -- consider you to be a disciple of his.
You cannot teach what you do not know. You can't make disciples for Jesus', when you yourself are not a disciple. You teach disobedience to Jesus words.You are not qualified to teach or to be a leader in the body of Christ.

If it is your desire to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, you should learn from someone who Jesus himself does consider to be one of his disciples.


After viewing some of her presentations -- please, keep your spiritual gaurd up -- then go to this link for a presentation by her for an expose --

My comment: Watch and learn, this is a very sly presentation.  Watch for the application of Scriputre against you but not applied to herself and you will see how she is making herself the word.  This is what I call the "judgement club"  -- meaning -- I can use it on you but you cannot use it on me or you are a sinner and not His disciple.  She is talented, to be sure.  This is the first email I have ever received that told me I was not a "disciple" of the Lord ?  That stopped me right there, so now I will follow her instructions she has taken the Scirptures to "expose" those wolves, male or female, and stop going to her website, just as she said we must do, so by her words and the words she uses, applied back at her.  In this video she finishes by commanding the spirits -- It looks like she is heading down that familiar path of other fake healer ministries.  May YaHshua protect us that are called to by his disciples (students) from the wolves and wolfetts (sp?).  

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