Great Quake Part 3 - Removing The Fog of Religion

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Great Quake Part 3

Great Quake of the 6th Seal
A Warning to the World!
Is it an Earthquake, or a Great Wind or Both?
Part 3, Part 1, Part 2


During a conversation I had with my brother Ron, he pointed out that a great wind or gale is connected to the Great Quake. He is more into the languages than I am, he has studied Hebrew and Greek and keeps me on track as much as he can in this area – I don't always listen. It was his study, concerning the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 that led to the article uncovering the Two EliYaHs. I thought I would base this article on something he brought up concerning "mighty winds" that seem to be associated with the kind of destruction the Great Quake is going to bring about.  
  We were having this discussion concerning some wording and the use of certain words revolving around the coming Great Earthquake, quakes, shaking, winds, gales, etc. So, what we have here is the discussion, as best I can remember it, and a few of his thoughts and a lot of my thoughts. Either way, I hope anyone reading this will gain from our agreeing and disagreeing. The final word is your own Bible and the eventual fulfillment of those words.

Thanks to my brother Ron for the additional info about a great wind that seems to accompany the Great Quake. When we have a prophetic event as huge and earth shaking, literally, as the 6th Seal of Revelation 6, we should consider other possibilities mentioned that are just as literal, like the "Great Winds" mentioned in the prophetic words of the Hebrew Scriptures. One person may see part of the picture while another sees another part -- steel sharpening steel, as the saying goes. That’s why I like sharing with you and you with me, brother to brother. You, brother, looking over my shoulder keeping me informed and grounded, thanks.  

We have both agreed that when "speculating"  or merely expressing an "opinion" we would make it clear that that is what it is. There is however, certain things that are undeniable and as believers we collectively accept as the truth – YaHshua is Savior, period, son of the Living God and it is only through and by Him can or will anyone be able to enter into the Kingdom, into eternal life -- Some of the truths we get from His written words is and has to be acknowledged by "faith", not just our faith and believing in Him, even when others don’t, but also by the Faith He gives us (Eph 2:8). Our faith alone is not enough we need His in us. Faith, in the end, means to believe what our God has told us, what our Savior has revealed to us through His Word – we believe without proof – we believe His words are true before they are proven and our doubt, if any, is replaced by His faith in us, by His Spirit in us telling us we are headed in the right direction.  When we accept His word and the Word given to Him, for us, from our Heavenly Father as true, even if we do not yet fully understand, we believe what has been said.   It is the fulfillment of the prophetic word that our faith is confirmed. This does not, however, keep us from speculating and making educated guesses – in the end He will prove Himself and we will be witnesses to that and our faith in His literal word and words delivered to us by His original disciples (Apostles) and the Prophets before them will confirm our belief in His Words being true – again, our faith confirmed, but only "after the fact".

Ron, you and I have agreed, long ago, that the true witness to prophecy is in its fulfillment. When the events our Father and our Savior tell us will occur, do occur then we will see clearly but this can only be for those living in the moment of fulfillment -- those of His calling living at the time of the fulfillment of the events to come. Once a prophetic event has occurred it becomes history, and, of course, all things past are understood. Even then the critics and god haters argue against the historical and biblical words and writings.

The word of the Holy Bible of the Hebrews and Christians is being proven daily to be true – still the high minded argue against it. The Word truly is like a hammer pounding opinions and disagreements to pieces. Who can wield this hammer without damaging something or someone?  One is either hammered into a good shape or into bits and pieces, even dust.  Still, believers need to use the word, not as a hammer against another brother or sister -- that is not our job for the word itself works from within those who hear it or read it. The truth can be offensive and it is just that to those in denial to the critics that do rage and ripe their clothes in anger and despair – why do they rage so, why are they so angry, why do they care if what they think and say is to be believed? I is the Word hammering away at their inner self, at the conscience.  

We know we cannot all know everything and no one can know the Mind of the Creator fully, only what He might reveal to us. We see only in shadows things revealed within the frame work of His written word. It is this Book we call the Holy Bible by which we must use as our device to measure all truths.   Others, the critics, have made ridiculous statements like, "Which holy book are you talking about there are many holy books, blah, blah, blah and blah".  These high minded people are authorities in their own minds and ask such questions in the hopes some of us will stumble. The fact is, in their ignorance they say such things, knowing full well the Book we refer to but they chose to be arrogant and ignorant of things they do not understand.  Ask such a person why they hate so much, and then move on – they are not traveling down the same path we are, their journey is to a different place, that is, unless our Lord cracks them over the head and removes their blindness like He did with the Apostle Paul.

I had received a request from a reader for a Part 3 in the Great Quake series and this set me thinking, is there a Part 3? How I would do a Part 3 without repeating what had already been written? Along comes my brother Ron – you, dear brother, have solved that problem for me, thank you very much. What follows is a kind of blend of my views and my brother Ron's views and inputs making up this Part 3 -- some speculations, to be sure, but always attempting to stay withing His Word.

Ron and Dan, mixing it up
Strong's Greek Dictionary: G4578 - seismos
From G4579; a commotion, that is, (of the air) a gale, (of the ground) an earthquake: - earthquake, tempest.
Note: The Greek term "seismos" is the root term for English, "seismology".
G4579 - seio¯

Apparently a primary verb; to rock (vibrate, properly sideways or to and fro), that is, (generally) to agitate (in any direction; cause to tremble); figuratively to throw into a tremor (of fear or concern): - move, quake, shake.

We are told that G4578 is from G4579 and when we go to the prime source we see it is a direct reference to, what we, today, would call and "earthquake". This begs the question – why didn’t the translators use this word, it seems to be without question, an "earthquake"? Perhaps it is because, the shaking of the earth will be accompanied by great winds, or gales. Perhaps it is because G4579 is a direct reference to any earthquake, say in LA or Turkey but the G4578, on the other hand, includes much more.

It would seem reasonable, and I am coming to agree with your observation, Ron, that it is more than just an earthquake. When thinking hard about this event as worldwide in scope it seems only reasonable the earthly wind patterns would be disrupted and fierce "gales" and a tremendous "commotion" of our atmosphere would be experienced.

The next line of thinking to support this would be the Greek term used for "wind" –

Rev 6:13, And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

The context and the emphasis here is in a figure of speech, as one might "liken to", a thing or action. In this case it is an event that is "likened to" the "shaking of a tree" in undue season. Notice, the stars falling is "untimely", unexpected, just like when a wind comes along and shakes the fruit from a tree before it is ripe, or ready to be harvested. This tells us about how unpredictable this event will be.  When this happen?  It will happen without warning, out of season, unexpectedly. It is all about the "shaking", not the wind exactly, but it does appear the "Mighty Wind" is the cause of the "shaking".

Yes and our Lord YaHshua did use a similar example in one of His teachings using, again, a "fig tree" as an object lesson, but there the similarity ends. In Matthew 24:32-33 YaHshua says to learn the "parable of the fig tree". In this parable we are to learn that we have the ability to determine if and when we are approaching the times YaHshua had just described concerning His coming and the collecting of the saints at the sound of the Trumpets.  What is interesting is the use of the same analogy, the "fruit tree".  By watching we should be able to tell the time is near, but we can be caught off guard by an event happening before the time of harvest, a sudden, unexpected event, catching even those who are watching off guard.

If we can determine times and seasons by observing the things around us, like when a tree goes through its cycles, we should also be able to observe the same as His return approaches. This, of course, is another one of those teachings refuting the secret coming teaching of those like Tim Lahaye pushing his doctrine through books of fiction -- the Left Behind series.  In this case, however, in Revelation 6:13, we see the "fig tree" dropping its fruit early because of an unexpected wind (force), a Mighty Wind, and this out of season wind sets the "shaking" motion, catching those watching for the "harvest" off guard.
  When we hear the message of "peace and safety" being called out (1 Th 5:3) then we should know, "sudden destruction" is coming. Isn't this, at least in part, the message those teaching the Left Behind Doctrine? "Don't worry", they say, "You will have peace and safety before the time of tribulation. because you will be in Heaven" – Isn’t that their message?  There is something else, however, that this warning points to, I believe; a time may be coming when everything in the Middle East seems to have calmed down, a period of peace, something happening that causes the world to see peace or a peaceful solution.  What is the one single thing the warring factions of the Middle East agree on?  Right, the total destruction of Israel and on a speculative note, what if Israel is overrun by a unified Arab States leading most to think this is the peace they have been looking for, and now they can all live in safety with their great enemy, Israel, and perhaps the USA as well, in check somehow?  Speculation, of course, but isn’t that what the radical Islamist, the jihadi, the Palestinians and the Arab States preach?  "If Israel did not exist we would have Peace".  Look at Iran’s hatred for the Jews, and they are not even neighbors.  Only recently their president was openly calling for the complete annihilation of Israel.  He has recently been replaced with cooler heads, but look at how often and how long the other nations allowed this insanity to be preached.  Still, he demonstrated an undertone that is still their and this is the dark side of a nation, Iran, that we have allowed to continue in the processes to produce atomic weapons.  

The "wind" is allegorical, of a power that causes or brings about the "shaking".  Even though much is made of His Coming as a "thief in the night" (1Thes 5:2-4) the following verses are usually ignored, "But you brethren, are not in the darkness that that day should over take you as a thief" (verse 4). It is only the people of the world following after false messiahs, false teachers, doctrines of Satan and the God Haters, and deniers of our Creator and Savior that will be caught off guard, but this is not supposed to be so with the "Children of the Light". We need to be spiritually ready at all times, and especially when we see His Word unfolding. They say there is always calmness before the storm, and this is what we are being told by YaHshua, so when the times we live in begin to look great, and a calm over flows the Earth, then we, believers, should be evermore alert, especially if this calm is brought about by something having to do with Israel.

The shaking of this earth is coming, no doubt, and we again come back to the choice of the word used when it comes to the "shaking" of the earth, does it agrees with your point of view? I think it does.  On the one hand, as just explored, the "wind" possibly being the Power of God causing the "shaking", but what happens then, wouldn’t the commotion of a worldwide earth shaking bring about other climate changes?  The shaking of the earth will be much more than a mere shaking, it will be accompanied by a great atmospheric "commotions" -- winds of hurricane proportions. Mighty gales and great wind forces ravaging this earth out of season. The Winds, the Mighty Winds cannot be discounted, no, because they will happen, how can they not?  As the Earth struggles through this turmoil, weather patterns will change, surging waters, and great dust storms caused by this sudden, worldwide jolt or shaking, winds ravaging the land and tsunamis inundating coast lines in every part of the world.

My brother has most definitely hit on something here, literally, again, like when he focused on the "Two Olive Branches", this too seems to be an aha moment. Not in whether it is supposed to be a "gale" or an "earthquake", one or the other, both terms have other choices, one for "great wind, or "mighty wind" and another for "vibration", or literally a "tremor" but these words, while used in other places is not the term chosen by the author of Revelation, instead, a term is used that in reality is more specific – just like you were saying, "There is more to it" – Our Heavenly Father is making sure we understand the gravity of what He is going to do, it will not be just an "earthquake", it will be more, like when a "mighty Wind" shakes a tree – a quake begins and ends but untimely winds seem, to those experiencing them, to go on and on -- so, we have the first Great shaking and then unseasonable Mighty Winds. I don’t think, in John’s day, they called "earthquakes" earthquakes, and if I were to guess I would say a "Mighty Wind" would today be called a hurricane, and a whirlwind a tornado, words not used in the first century, as we use them today. The earth has wind currents flowing in a constant pattern, north and south, moving about the earth helping to govern the season, but what if the earth bucks out of position and these winds are disturbed? Just imagine, the whole earth shakes and the winds become unpredictable forces

In My Backyard – Lesson?
I see this all the time in my backyard, trees shaking, and being shaken by mighty winds, so I have a visual of what is to happen. I can sit in my TV chair and look outside at the trees and the winds come along and make those trees go crazy. Usually when one thinks of trees blowing in the wind there is this picture of the trees leaning, or bending and gently swaying but the kind of wind that shakes the fruited out of the tree is much more than a passing breeze, or a pressing wind. I have seen our trees twist and vibrate, literally, back and forth and around. One minute they are pushed to the west then suddenly jerked back to the east then suddenly twisted and turned – the wind causing this is truly unpredictable and it is not a wind you want just before the fruit is ripe. In the after math of these mini wind storms, I have to go out and rake up the mess, gather the leaves, the cherries rotting on the ground, twigs and even branches and put them in the yard waste for later disposal or burning.

Looking at this, as you encouraged me to do, it seems to be much more than a shocking earthquake. It is highly unlikely the wind patterns of the earth would stop or discontinue flowing and moving over the face of the earth, unlike a sudden quake. Except for one time, and that is when the four angels hold back the winds of the earth. This action then, by the angels, takes on more meaning (Rev 7:1). The holding back would mean more than just stopping the normal wind patterns of the earth, it would mean stopping the "commotion", the "gales", the "hurricanes", the "tornadoes" (whirlwinds). Still, the earth will shake. It will be moved, but at a more specific time, the gale force winds, however, will be stopped only when the four angel take action in preparation of the "marking" of the saints.

The Wrath, Things to Consider
First, Rev 6:12-13, 17: The Wrath has come – this is only the beginning. Remember, this is the 6 th Seal, and earthquakes mentioned in later chapters occur after or during other events marking their separation from the Great Quake of Revelation 6 and the 6th Seal.

Second, Rev 7: A space of time, of quietness, a holding back of the winds of the earth, a holding back of angels given power to hurt the earth, a time for marking the saints.

(Skipping over the 7 th and going right to the 8th chapter where the tale of destructions and warning picks up again with heavenly things falling, and a picture of events totally out of the control of man. These are things that will not be able to be explained away as having been caused by man. Then following these heavenly signs falling on the earth, we have the beginning of the of the 7 Trumpets sounding being interrupted, right after the 4th Trumpet, the 3 Woes. Stopping here, however, we acknowledge the 7 th Seal has a lot to say but we will skip ahead, following the "earthquake" and the Great Winds for now)

Third, Rev 11: 13: This "earthquake" causes a tenth of the city to fall and seven thousand die. This occurs as the Two Witnesses rise to meet YaHshua in the air (7th trumpet has sounded) and the witnesses of this resurrection fall to their knees and worship the Messiah coming. We are told this is the end of the Second Woe and by this we know the earthquake of Rev 11:19. Rev 11:18, the nations are angry that His Wrath has come.

We should remember -- One Wrath, different events -- Notice that after the 2 nd Woe, with the resurrection of the Two witnesses the 7 th Trumpet is sounded – repeating – AFTER, the Two witnesses answer His call and stand on their feet and ascend upward, the 7 th Trumpet is sounded, this ushers in the next "earthquake".

Forth, Rev 11:19: One could say the earthquake mentioned here is something else, maybe symbolic, as some say, after all, earthquakes in heaven, not to mention "hail stones"? We need a closer look at this vision --The vision of the "Ark of HIS Covenant" seen in the Temple is a box in a box, not to be disrespectful but the Ark is just that, a box or enclosure, protecting the written Covenant. The "sanctuary", it too is a container of sorts within which the Ark is kept -- The Temple is opened and what John sees is the confirmation of the "Testimony", the "Covenant". Literally, being protected, held in a safe place. I believe with the opening of the Heavenly Temple, at this particular time, and John witnessing NEW Covenant in a safe place, confirming its protected writings, out of reach of man, and prepared for its journey to Earth with the establishment of the Kingdom.

The "ark" is but the holder of the words of the Testimony and promises of our Heavenly Father. This seems to be a visual demonstration that the "Covenant" that testifies of YaHshua is, as I said before, on its way to earth, the actual document. We need to remember, a New Covenant is going to be made with Israel, I think this is that new Covenant and not the Old Covenant delivered to Moses (Jer 31:31, Heb 8:8).
Some see this Ark as the Ark of Moses and the Covenant as the Old Covenant of Israel, but this is much more likely the New Covenant to which the followers of YaHshua have already agreed to. This New Covenant, written in the blood of our Savior, YaHshua, to be delivered to the New Israel, an Israel given a new heart and attitude, accepting YaHshua as Savior (Ezek 36:24-27)

The events mentioned after this opening of the Temple in Heaven, are earth bound, not heavenly. When looking at other translations, and even in the KJV you will see a separation of these things in the total context, not to exclude the previous verse of the "nations being angry", and the colon used while others use a period break in making the one separate from the other. It would have made more sense had the translators divided the one from the other. It is left to us, the reader, to then make this separation, and how do we do that?

The events that follow the vision John sees, concerning the Temple opening, are all earthly events. For one thing, this chaos would not be found in the Heaven of Heavens and for another, things described, the earthquake, whether it be a great wind, a gale, or atmospheric commotions, and the Great Hail, along with lighting and thunder, are all earthly events, earth born, so to speak. With this we know this is not happening in Heaven where the Temple and the Ark are seen to be. To read it any other way is to put these earthly events in the Temple itself and if this is the case then we would have to assume a symbolic interpretation. I do not feel this is what is being conveyed, I see this as a vision, but a vision about something that will be very literal.
In Rev 16:21 we see a great hail and it is falling on men and we notice it says this "hail" come out of heaven. So, is it from the Heaven of Heavens, or from the sky, the heaven or out of own atmosphere? I am inclined to think it is earth born.

Other questions arise as well, is the hail of Chapter 11 the same hail mentioned in Chapter 16? Most Biblical commentators connect the two, but we have them in different places and times. One hail storm give the weight of the ice falling as a "talent", which many translate as around a 100 pounds.

Here is another thought --- Comets, we are told, are mode up of ice – Perhaps these huge ice blocks, we call hail, is just that, a huge ice storm falling from space.
Like the "quakes" mentioned, I am of the contrary opinion that these two hail storms are different events. Are we getting confused now? I hope not.

When we look at the timing of these events we see they are in different locations along the time line of the 7 Seals, and then the 7 Trumpets, the 3 Woes, and the 7 Plagues. It is the 7 Plagues of Revelation 16 that are called the Vials of God’s Wrath. Remember, Revelation 6, the 6 th seal says His Wrath is come, here we see the wrath itself, finishing up with the 7 vials of His Wrath. We can see it as His Wrath approaching toward the 7 vials, or we can see it the beginning of the earthquakes, wild wind storms, heavens appearing to vanish, etc., as all part of His Wrath. Either way it doesn’t matter, it does not change the order of events, no matter how we see it, the earthly shaking and the plagues are not going to be pleasant.

Does it matter? Well, yes, I guess it does, really, especially to those that will be living during the times of His Wrath, whether it is all one big Wrath of God, or events building up to the 7 Last Plagues called His Wrath (Rev 16:1, 19), the people of that time will be able to answer these questions much better than anyone. Our reasoning and purpose is not to deny the Word by dreaming up some other answer, something we had rather hear, something more pleasant. We need to realize the events may not be exactly as ordered in our limited understanding, but, as believers, we should be able to see when these things begin to happen, it is time. Our best defense is a strong spiritual life, walking with Our God, talking with Him, as did Enoch, Noah, Moses and may others.

To know all of this is like Lot being told the city is about to be destroyed and he literally had to be taken by the hand and pulled from his home. His wife wanted to go back and she never went anywhere. Lot and his daughters went into the rocks and a cave thinking the whole world must have been destroyed. Is that what YHWH said to them, did His angels tell them this? No, but like the humans we are, we tend to expand on things not said, making more out of what is really said, turning His words into our words. We need to take care and not get caught in rewriting what is written. I personally believe this is what has been going on for many years (hundreds) among the Christian writers when it comes to the prophetic word, and by this we, as Bible students, have been misdirected. We need to keep an open mind, not to fables and fancy words and fad books, but stay alert to what He is saying by the words already delivered.

There is going to come, and already are, many false prophets and teachers filling our ears with misdirection. Be especially alert for anyone telling you God is talking to them and has told him to tell you something. I have personally witnessed individuals saying the Holy spirit told them this or that, and for it to be just the opposite of what His written word states. Why do we have the Bible if all we need are prophets -- those times are past -- YHWH is not speaking to Israel outside of His Written Words. YaHshua has said all that needs to be said and His Apostles have spoken and written all that is needed to deliver the message that changes not. We have enough, and anyone speaking contrary to the Word, telling you God is talking to them, outside of His Words, is deceived and a liar.

Listen my friends, most of the modern day prophets, dating from the 40's to now, have died and those of the 50's and 60' are either dead or close to it, but the one thing they all had and have in common is the preaching and the teaching that they, and those following them and learning from them, were living in the end-times and expecting to go to heaven at any moment -- many of these teachers are in the grave. Some of these false prophets are still alive, Grant Jeffery, Hal Lindsay, Paul Crouch and many, many others -- Herbert Armstrong, Ted Armstrong and many other Christian leaders, now dead, are still being supported by followers continuing to preach a dead message that the United States of America is Israel.

These men are dying of old age at a rapid rate and those still alive have an audience of white haired old people all still convinced we are living in the end-days, and are about to be raptured. My friends, the end-days will not come until the Great Quake of Revelation 6:12 hits this earth, the end-times will not happen and our savior will not return until after this earth shaking and great atmospheric disturbance occur. When these things happen there will come a "falling away", there will come the religious "scoffers", those people once religious, following a false premise and screaming, "where is this promise of His coming" -- the disappointment will be great, indeed.

But even before this, before the Great Shaking and the Mighty Winds there is coming an event, a trigger, if you will, that is going to cause the earth to move into the end-days of man's rule and limit Satan as God of this World. Buckle up, there is a big change coming. When? I have no idea, but when this Great Quake hits, then know your redemption is near (Luke 21:28)

The ARK of the New Covenant -- What must we do?
This question is asked all the time. Should we go hide in caves? No, that is what the small and the great do, equally, when they see the sign of His coming, they hide in the mountains and the rock and beg for a quick death (Rev 6:15) as the world appears to be coming to an end. Over the ages men have sought to save themselves by building communities of like-minded believers for the sake of protection and salvation. Some of these groups are still with us, still waiting. We hear, occasionally, of people literally building places of safety for the coming doom and they are still here, in some form or another. Then there are those promising escape to heaven, ignoring the plain teachings of the Word, they promise peace and safety in a place they are told they will not go --

(John 1:18) No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

YaHshua came to do more than lay down his life for us, He also came to reveal, to make known, our Heavenly Father -- to declare Him. And He has, and he has also made it plain that no man has ever gone to Heaven either --

(John 3:13)And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

These are not my words, they are His. He says, basically, that only that which is from heaven can go to heaven. This false hope handed out to eager ears by these self-deceivers cause believers to stop reading and studying the prophetic word, satisfied they will not be here when this Book of Revelation unfolds. Satisfied it is what is in their heart that counts the listen to twisting of the prophetic word to their hearts content. When the door is closed and they wonder what happened it will be too late to ask for their money back on the goods sold to them by the teachers and preacher who are themselves deceived (2 Tim 3:13).

(2Ti 3:13) But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

These are not my words. You can read them out of your own Bible and it will not matter which translation you use the words will be saying the same thing. I only hope my words, in pointing to His words and the words of His Apostles will encourage you to get into and stay in His words, His commands and the Testimony of Him, not some other messiah, but Him, YaHshua.

You have a job -- as Noah faithfully built the boat, you need to build good Christian character based on His word -- you need to be a good witness, no matter which age we may be in. Study the word; listen to the prophetic words of His Book. Believe Him, over and above the words of men (Romans 3:4) and also, what His Apostles taught (John 17:20), not what men teach in opposition to His Word. It is a spiritual preparation, for us, this time -- consider Noah and the end of his world.

Noah and his family spent 120 years building a huge boat, a boat designed to support him and his family along with a large representation of all air breathing animal kinds. We, the elect of God and house of the Christ, have an Ark that will contain us also. YaHshua is the ARK of the New Covenant. It is in Him we have life and he is big enough, powerful enough, to contain us all. Heb 11:7; 1 Pet 2:5 -- (Heb 3:6) But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.

Each age has its witnesses and today, in this age, we are the witnesses to the truth of His Word. When the Great Quake happens, and the heavens roll up as if the end of all things is about to occur, you and me, if we are still alive in the flesh will be the witnesses to the truth of His prophetic Word. Noah spent 120 years building his saving boat; just imagine the work and labor that went into that project? Being human, one could suppose Noah had his moments of doubts and questions, but he continued, in faith, staying the course, believing the words he was give and he became a witness to the world -- without our Creator we are all done for, there is no hope. We all know the dramatic, historical account, of Noah. So, it will be when, once again, the Wrath of the Living God and the Lamb are released against rebellious man.

This time, however, the survivors will be saved by the covering blood of YaHshua and by our entering through the DOOR, as Noah and his family entered through the door of the wooden Ark, we will enter through YaHshua, the only DOOR by which we can entering into His Rest, and receive eternal life, not by a boat we built, or we prepared but by Him and through Him we become His house in whom He lives and we live. He is the Door to our Ark, He is the Ark of our Salvation. There is a greater purpose behind all of this. YaHshua is not just coming to take power but to prepare, to make way for the coming of another, one greater, His and our Heavenly Father -- the Earth is being prepared.
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