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Walid Shoebat Debunked?


Chris White debunks Walid Shoebat?

(See Chris White presentation below)

Everytime we find something that seems to be new we need to hold our opinion until we have a chance to look further and to listen to where the Spirit will lead us as we Learn, not from men but from our Heavenly Father.

Walid Shoebat has an excellent teaching -- but is it the final word?  Not according to Chris White.  Chris brings up some very good cons to Shoebat's pros concerning the 666 of the Book of Revelation.  Let's have a look at what Chris has to say:

  • It would seem the truth is spread around, here a little and there a little.  Someone has a theory and it seems to be right, or looks pretty good, then you turn the corner and questions are raised, questons that should be answered.  Sometimes someone finds new things so interesting and decide right away this or that must be true.  We need to be careful about hitching our wagon, so to speak, to any particular group or persons.

  • (2Ti 2:15)  Study to shew yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    (2Co 6:3)  Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed:
    (1Co 4:6)  I have applied all these things to myself (Paul) and Apollos for your benefit, brothers, that you may learn by us not to go beyond what is written, that none of you may be puffed up in favor of one against another. ESV (all translations agree; "...not to go beyond what is written...")

    Let's consider what Chris White has for us, keeping in mind we are all vulnerable to letting our imagination taking us to a place outside of the Word.  I do not agree with everything Walid Shoebat has to say and teach and I do not agree with everything Chris White has for us either but I see both as sincere researchers and if we stay within the Word we are better equipped to decide for ourselves what is true when held up to the light of the Word.  We must be willing to look at diverse views and allow the Spirit to weed out what contradicts the Word.  Paul ran into this very thing -- people binding themselves to particular teachings and names of particular men, some even calling themselves by other names and that is how we end up followng others by what they teach as opposed to what the Word teaches - 1 Cor 1:12-14.

    Chris White also has a book you can pickup at Amazon.com with a full treatment, offering an opposing view to what Walid Shoebat is teaching.  For me, I am looking for some kind of balance.  

    Besides Chris White a couple of others have come forward claiming Walid stole this idea from them, but remember, he, tells us he is not the originator of this concept, he readily admits to this and never claims to be the sole originator.   This idea for a Muslim Antichrist existed before Walid Shoebat and no one can claim full credit for this idea, as Walid points out -- there has been various authors and students of the Bilbe from centuries past that identified a Muslim Antichrist -- after all, the Muslims do admit that a Jewish Messiah existed but deny Him as the Messiah, but do accept Him as a great prophet -- they deny Him as the Son of God come in the flesh (1 John 2:22).  Adam Clark of the famous Clark Commentary, 16th century work, is among those suggesting a Muslim Antichrist.  Walid Shoebat names John Calvin (God's War on Terror, page 64) also made this very same observation.  Walid gives several names of those who expressed this opinion. (pages 30-40 in his book, God's War on Terror).  When we look at what is going on in the world today I find it hard to deny or to ignore Walid Shoebat's understanding on this matter.  With his background and conversion to the Messiah, he has a unique perspective that cannot, should not, be ignored.  The evidence just seems to keep piling up in support of Walid's understanding and presentation by book and video.  Does this mean I think everything Walid says is absolutely correct?  Not yet, anyway, but he does make me focus more on what the Word, already delivered is saying and does say.  

    Chris White takes issue with Walid's view concerning the MARK of the Beast, the number, 666.  Watch the video and you decide if further investigation is needed.  

  • In Walid Shoebats book, God's War on Terror, he does point out that He is not the first to come up with this Idea -- that the Antichrist will be a Muslim.  Chris makes an issue out of this which seemed a little unfair to me.  Walid is the first to admit this idea did not originate with him, then what is all the fuse, take it up with those of the 18th century, and before.  Walid, however, is the first to make the case in such detail surrounded by Biblical common sense.  What is upsetting, not for Walid, but for all of the modern Christian prophets who have invested a lot of material pointing to the European EU as the originators an idea that it is the United Europe that is going to produce the end-time Antichrist.  

  • It is hard for some to see a different view, once they have bought into one argument over the other, and some of these prophetic authors become a bit annoyed at anyone tearing down their own work, making them "prophets of error".  What they should be doing, instead of trying to assassinate those of a different opinion they should be looking at the opposing view and make a case to support their own or make the proper adjustments -- but, then, that might mean the loss of book sales.  Because of this breaking away from a United States of Europe Antichrist, Walid is stepping on some pretty big Evangelical toes.  Walid is gaining enough traction among the lay membership that the leadership of the Evangelical communities Walid originally went to with his prophetic view, have turned on him -- I guess you could say, "For not holding to the party line".   However, Walid Shoebat, should be able to take the criticism as well, and it seems to me that he has, and it is his presentation of his view that is the challenge to the modern day, accepted view of Antichrist and antichrists, that deserve a hearing.

  • Full disclosure:  I have been banned from Walid Shoebat website Forum.  Guess I stepped on some toes too.  His son Theodore has pretty much taken over the Website, but Walid does monitor the Forum and will answer questions one on one.  In my case, however, Walid and Theo don't like some of the criticism I have made and, apparently, cannot stand up to some of the charges or observations I have brought to their attention.
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